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Top Ways To Make Your House Theft Proof

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 9:53 am

1.Use Curtains And Drapes

Make sure to use curtains and drapes on windows and pull them closed at night. Most season thieves, will watch your home for a while before deciding to burglarize. By being able to see into your home, they can get an idea of your habits and schedules. This is something you don't want to happen.

2.Gates Without Handles

Protect your property with a fence and a gate, but make sure that the gate doesn't have handles. Thieves can easily use handles to step up onto, helping them to climb up over the gate. It is also a good idea to put vining flowers or bushes around the top of the fences, making it more difficult to climb over.

3.Vacation Lights

Install timers on your interior lights in order to make it appear that you are home even if you're not. Have the lights go on at random times, and different times in different rooms. A seasoned thief that is casing your house, will realize that if the lights all come on at the same time of day and all together, that most likely you are away.

4.Don't Hide Spare Key

Don't hide a spare key anywhere near your home. Burglars know to look under mats, in fake rocks, over the door frame, and other places. This is an easy way for the burglar to enter your home. Give a neighbor a spare key instead.

5.Outdoor Lighting & Motion Detectors

Keep the area surrounding your home well lit. Installing outdoor lighting that is timed to come on at dusk is a great way to ensure that your property is well lit, even when you are not there. And motion detectors force the lights to go on when someone steps onto a deck or front porch.

6.Use A Paper Shredder

A paper shredder is a essential item to keeping burglars from finding out too much information about you. All they have to do is go through your garbage to get account numbers, banking info and more. Shred bills, bank statements, and anything that has your name and private information on it.

7.Join Neighborhood Watch Group

Join a neighborhood watch group to keep your neighborhood safe from intruders and strangers. By being proactive, you can not only keep your home same, but the homes of your neighbors as well. If there is not an existing group, you might want to think about starting one, to get the ball rolling.


8.Lock Your Mailbox

Be sure to lock your mailbox. Many thieves gain access to your identity through personal information coming in your mail. If you have one that is at the end of your driveway, this is especially important, since it is easier to access. A padlock is easy to install, and will keep you and your info much safer.

9.Install A Solid Door

Make sure your door is made of solid wood, and some even come lined with metal. A flimsy door is easy to kick in. If you have windows on your door, make sure they are made of thick glass that is not easy to break. And remember to cover the glass with a shade or curtain so no one can look in.


10.Install Alarm System

It's a good idea to invest in an alarm system. Make it a priority, and be sure to get in the habit of using it all the time, not just once in a while. Use when you are home alone too. Alarm systems have saved lives, as well as items being stolen. If anything happens, you can alert the police with the push of a button.

11.Trim The Shrubs

Trim the shrubs around your home. When they grow too big they can be the perfect hiding spot for a burglar. Keep them short and spaced out in order to better protect your home, and make sure to not cover windows with the shrubbery. Just remember that you don't want to give a thief a way to work on entering your house without being seen.


12.Lock It Up

Locking the doors may sound simple but you would be surprised how many people leave their doors open when they're home, or when they are just running a quick errand. Professional burglars are looking for just such an opportunity. Lock the doors and keep them locked. A double lock is essential when going out.


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