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Weird Love Notes

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 3:49 pm


Keep your love notes innovative and different. That way the reader's attention will be held in order to get your message across. Posting them on road pylons will definitely work. Plus, the whole world can read them too.

2.Ask A Simple Question

Again, an example of how to do it from a kid. One wonders then why adults mess around with innuendos and vague ways of doing things when it comes to matters of the heart.

3.Multiple Choice

Sometimes kids teach us how to do it correctly. This note gets to the point and the other person gets to choose. Simple, unlike the games adults play. This way the person gets to choose what they want instead of being played.

4.Wet Napkins

People love to add stuff to their love notes to make a statement. Some people add perfume to make them special, Rachelle added other 'stuff' to make it even more personal.

5.Never Try and Change People

All different loves have different expectations and here we see how it really is better not to try and change someone to how you want them to be. However, they do seem to cry penis shaped tears.

6.First Things First

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Perhaps this note says it quite eloquently although there does seem to be a fascination with chicken.

7.Oh Yes!

Oh course breaths are held in anticipation! Will he choose the workout? After all he has to keep his muscles right? Perhaps there is an offer there that he just cannot refuse.


8.True Love

We are glad this persons 'Oma' thinks he will look good 'on' her. Bit too much information perhaps? It has to be true love when a person learns bad English for you.

9.Let's Bow Our Heads

Even God needs a little love, but lovers? Sometimes notes just don't say it quite right. At least they did make an attempt at it though.


10.Sweetest Thing

The 'U' in nuggets got lost and all they needed was 'U'! This is both weird and clever in equal measure although chicken nuggets are a strange thing to settle on.

11.A Crazy Thing Called Love

Either this little baby is the next Einstein or his mother wrote it? Just goes to show that love notes come from all types of people and sources and always 'turns us upside down'.


12.The Pressure is On!

Even at such an early age, status and grade is really important! One is left wondering if she got confused as to whom Pete is?


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