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Weird Things The US Tops The World

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 11:18 am

1.Student loan debt

Students in the US end up with more debt than anywhere else in the world. How that happens is up for debate, but at the end of the day they are leaving college and starting with a major handicap that is just not an issue for other countries in the world.


More people believe in angels in the US than anywhere else in the world and that is surely something to be proud of? The fact that so many people think of others with wings doing all kinds of things is actually quite reassuring in some ways, but just how widespread this is remains unknown.

3.Foreign aid

Again this is one that is slightly incorrect in that Norway gives more per capita, but then the US has a larger number of capitas than Norway, so that is how it comes first. However, it does add up to a lot of money being spent on foreign aid and in different forms, so the US is pretty generous.


The US is the biggest producer of corn anywhere in the world and you can just imagine vast swathes of the land being covered in fields full of it. Of course this does mean that it saves a fortune with importing the stuff from abroad when it is being grown on the doorstep.

5.Watching television

Hmm this one may not come as much of a shock, but people in the US do tend to watch the most television in the world. Of course it is not helped by the fact that there are so many channels, but this is something that the US has been the leader of for a number of years.

6.Legal immigrants

Yep the US might have a lot of people trying to sneak into the country, but it also leads the way with the number of legal people that have moved there. You are looking at tens of millions of people on a yearly basis that do it the right way and that is more than the population of a whole host of countries.

7.Cats and dogs

The US loves their pets and it leads the way with numbers of both cats and dogs. To give you an idea as to how much they love them, the US has more than double the number of dogs than the country in second place.


8.Marine protected areas

The US has more marine protected areas than any other country in the world. At the last count it had more than 225 of them, but then surely that just makes it like a patchwork quilt rather than anything else?

9.Worker productivity

Yep when it comes to worker productivity, then the US leads the way. However, this is only due to the fact that people in Norway get more time off work or they would lead it, so the US wins pretty much by default with this one.



One thing that the US is famous for is the number of inventors that are in the country and you can see that with the number of patents that are out there. However, the interesting thing is that half of them are now submitted by people that are not actually American.

11.Most roads

At one point people more than likely thought that Russia would have had more roads due to the sheer size, but of course there are huge empty spaces. Then, they would have moved to thinking about India or China, but the same applies there, so ultimately it comes back to the fact that the US does indeed have the most roads.


12.Cheese production

Yep the US produces the most cheese anywhere in the world and by some considerable margin. This is certainly something that people end up being surprised about because is the US such a big cheese lover? Surely parts of Europe would do more?


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