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Weirdest Hotels In The World

Thursday, Mar 5, 2020, 5:07 pm

1.Godiva Chocolate Suite

Any chocolate lover would die to stay here. The Godiva Chocolate Suite in the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City is made entirely of chocolate, including the bed, lamps, chairs and even the walls. Guests can lick, bite and eat anything they want in this decadent room. The scent is as intoxicating as the intricate design.


2.Karostas Cietums

When a former military prison turns hotel, you might think it's rebuilt with plush accommodations. Not the Karostas Cietums in Liepaja, Latvia. The prison that was built in 1905 still stands and guests are invited to live the life of a prisoner sleeping on bunks and eating prison food, and even taking abused from guards.

3.Marmara Antalya

In Antalya, Turkey, the Marmara Antalya overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Taurus Mountains. the 208 room property is the world's first revolving hotel with a spinning twenty four room loft. The hotel floats in a 478 ton pool and turns a full 360 degrees several times a day.


4.Ice Hotel

The Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden is considered the world's largest snow and ice built hotel. Even most of the furniture is made of snow and ice, including the bed. Every year the hotel melts and has to be rebuilt each year with tons of ice, with the room temperature only reaching 23 degrees fahrenheit.

5.Dog Bark Park Inn

In Cottonwood, Idaho, Dog Bark Park Inn, a beagle shaped bed and breakfast serves guests in a unique way. A loft bedroom is situated in the larger dog, Sweet Willy's, head, while an alcove sits in the dog's muzzle, and the toilet looks like a fire hydrant. Sweet Willie stands thirty feet tall, thirty four feet long and fourteen feet wide.


6.The Mirror Cube

The Mirror Cube in Harads, Sweden, is probably the most unique hotel int he world. A four by four by four meter mirror covered box is suspended on a tree trunk high in the sky. The two person accommodations are only accessibly by a rope bridge connected to another tree.

7.Ryugyong Hotel

Pyongyang, North Korea is home to Ryugyong Hotel, often called, the Hotel of Doom. The 105 story property was once slated to be the tallest hotel in the world. The 3000 room property halted construction in 1992, only to resume in 2008 and still not be completed five years later.


8.Giraffe Manor

A six room hotel named Giraffe Manor resides in Nairobi, Kenya, owned by giraffe lovers and home to giraffe residents. Modeled after a Scottish hunting lodge, the giraffes roam free and join guests at mealtime, where guests are free to feed them. An elephant orphanage is also part of this unique hotel.

9.Palacio de Sal

Located in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, Palacio de Sal is made completely out of salt. Made from salt blocks that were taken from the salt plains, the hotel is held together by a mixture of salt and water. With a tin roof, the only other thing not made of salt are the toilets. Guests are asked not to lick the walls.


10.Kokopelli's Cave Bed And Breakfast

In Farmington, New Mexico, Kokopelli's Cave Bed And Breakfast is a one bedroom cave home that is rented out to guests. Built in 1980, with three holed for ventilation and electricity, the cave was blasted from a cliffside one hundred feet below ground. Guests shimmy down a steep ladder to get to their room, after signing a liability waiver.

11.Sandcastle Hotel

If you're even in Weymouth in the United Kingdom, the Sandcastle Hotel is a must . Made entirely from 1100 tons of sand, guests pay $15 per night to sleep under the stars. The hotel was first built in 2008 after seven days of fourteen hours each of sculpting made the hotel a reality.


12.Jules Underwater Lodge

Located in Key Largo, Florida, Jules Underwater Lodge is the first in the world underwater hotel. Sitting five feet off the bottom of a tropical lagoon, the hotel is propped up by stilts. Guests dive twenty one feet to enter the hotel, with a three hour scuba course for uncertified divers.


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