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15 Awkward Sex Scene Stories As Told By Actors

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 4:53 pm

Do artists feel comfortable acting in sex scenes? Most of them unanimously say NO! Contrary to what some people may think, actors and actresses don't enjoy doing sex scenes. Such scenes cause discomfort to actors. Needless to say about the embarrassment they get by undressing in front of other co-actor, director, cameraperson and other crew members. 
In most cases, actors and actresses don't engage in real time sex. They may not go completely nude too. They don't find sex scenes interesting or amusing. In fact, men never get an erection while filming a sex scene. Getting an erection is considered unprofessional. Probably this is why we find sex scenes in movie unnatural and weird. Don't we?   
Actors take great care while filming hot scenes. Men use 'modesty socks' to hide their privates. Women use skin-colored pads to prevent accidental insertion. They also use nipple pasties to keep their nipples from showing. Female actresses use 'artificial bush' a.k.a. merkins to hide their privates.
Read these fifteen most embarrassing sex scene stories as shared by actors, and you will understand how difficult it is to act in a sex scene! 
7.Kristen Schaal Farted While Filming a Hot Scene

Kristen Schaal told Seth Meyers that she had an embarrassing moment on the set of 'The Last Man on Earth' TV show. She said she farted multiple times while filming a sex scene with co-star Will Forte.

Kristen Schaal Farted While Filming a Hot Scene-15 Awkward Sex Scene Stories As Told By Actors

8.Jason Statham Had to Expose His Bare Butt in Public

Jason Statham acted in many raunchy scenes, but one particular sex scene in Crank 2 needed him to film it in a crowded shopping mall! He said, "Trying to do an aggressive sex scene is quite difficult. Especially in a public place with a crowd of screaming extras with their little camera phones going click-click, taking pictures of your pasty white ass." Although the scene was filmed at a public place, the crew managed to make sure no outsider sneaks in. Getting naked in front of extras could be very embarrassing, let alone acting in a sex scene. 

Jason Statham Had to Expose His Bare Butt in Public-15 Awkward Sex Scene Stories As Told By Actors

9.Kate Winslet Had Nutsack Pressed Against Her Cheek

In an interview with V Magazine, Kate Winslet said, "I hate it! Listen make no mistake, I just get on it. As actors you talk about it all the time. You can literally be tangled in sheets, and you turn to the other actor and say 'What the f*ck are we doing?' Dear Mum, at work today I had so-and-so's left nut sack pressed against my cheek. It's sort of unethical if you think about it in those terms." 

Kate Winslet Had Nutsack Pressed Against Her Cheek-15 Awkward Sex Scene Stories As Told By Actors

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