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12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:25 am

Beauty contents! The two words excite most men. Do you want to know who are the most beautiful girls in your city or town are? Attend a local beauty contest! A beauty pageant is one of the very rare events where you see a bunch of pretty looking women all at one place, competing against each other. We usually associate physical beauty to beauty pageants. What most of us don't know is that beauty contests are so diverse that we find some of them weird. Imagine pregnant women in a two-piece, walking on a ramp, competing against each other in a beauty pageant! You are about to read more such bizarre beauty contests! Check these 12 weird beauty pageants that make you say WTF!
1.Miss Artificial Beauty

Instead of banning women for having plastic surgery, this beauty competition requires it to participate. Miss Artificial Beauty is for females who are aged eighteen to sixty two, with a doctor's certificate proving they have had at least one plastic surgery. The pageant only occurred once in 2004 and never again.

Miss Artificial Beauty-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

2.Miss Klingon Empire

The Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant is organised annually at the Star Trek Convention held in Atlanta, Georgia at Dragon*Con. The beauty pageant was created in 1999. Contestants glam up as any female Klingon character from Star Trek and are judged on beauty, talent, and personality. Each participant will be given 5 minutes to display some sort of skill, so it's not just about the beauty or costume. The winner of the pageant takes home $600 worth prizes. Isn't this beauty contest very interesting? If you are a Star Trek fan, we know you badly want to attend this beauty pageant! 

Miss Klingon Empire-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

3.Miss Exotic World

This annual pageant is a burlesque style pageant held in Las Vegas. The Miss Exotic World Pageant is a fundraiser for the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and features former burlesque queens and current neo-burlesque dancers. Winning the crown is a huge honor for any burlesque performer, who participates in the two day events one weekend per year.

Miss Exotic World-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

4.Miss Navajo Nation

Participants of the Miss Navajo Nation Beauty Pageant are required to be members of the Native American Navajo Nation. Like other pageants, the contestants are required to wear dresses, but are judged on their mastery of trial skills, such as butchering sheep with neatness and efficiency. Their dresses, or tribal garb, are covered with butcher's smocks.

Miss Navajo Nation-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

5.Miss Condom

Twenty women from four different countries compete in the Miss condom contest in Thailand. They are judged on their ability to dazzle the judges with their skills at blowing up condoms. In an effort to promote safe sex in Thailand, the contest was one of many stunts orchestrated by the Thai government to bring awareness to young adults about the importance of using condoms.

Miss Condom-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

6.Miss Beautiful Morals

Beauty contests are something that we don't find happening in the most Middle East countries. What most of us don't know is that the countries like Saudi Arabia have their beauty contests as well! Miss Beautiful Morals is one such beauty pageant. As the title of this post suggests, judges select winners based on the participants' inner beauty more than their physical beauty. In fact, all the contestants appear wearing traditional abayas with nothing except their eyes visible. To win the contest, one got to be a God-fearing and family-loving woman! 

Miss Beautiful Morals-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

7.Miss Jumbo Queen

In Bangkok, there is a yearly Jumbo Banquet Elephant Feast, and in celebration of the woman who closely resemble an elephants in terms of size, elegance and grace, there is a Miss Jumbo Queen competition. Big and beautiful women participate at the Samphran Elephant Ground in hopes of being crowned.

Miss Jumbo Queen-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World


8.Miss Land Mine

Miss Landmine takes the bad and makes it better. For women injured by the many landmines hidden in Angola, the Miss Landmine competition makes them feel pretty again, sexy again and whole again. During their civil war, many woman lost limbs to landmines, severaly disfiguring them, and forever altering their lives. 

Miss Land Mine-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

9.Alternative Miss Ireland

Alternative Miss Ireland was originally known as Gay Christmas until 2012. The annual pageant was held in Dublin and was an effort to spread awareness and acceptance of gender augmentation. Participants could be anything from men to women, and everything in between. The unique event raised over three hundred thousand euros for HIV and AIDS awareness in Ireland.

Alternative Miss Ireland-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World


10.Miss Pregnant

Miss Pregnant pits preggos against preggos in a beauty contest where the bigger the better. A great way for women to feel beautiful even as their waistlines expand, their ankles swell, and their breasts blow up like balloons. Wearing bikinis, the best baby bump wins the title of Miss Pregnant.

Miss Pregnant-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

11.Miss American Vampire

No one talks about vampires or zombies more than the Americans. In fact, vampires are so popular in the States that many vampire-themed movies and television franchises are worth billions of dollars! In the 1960s, a vampire television show called 'Dark Shadows' was very successful. The show was so popular that the producers wanted to make a spinoff movie out of it. They did it, and to promote the film, they conducted a beauty contest called 'Miss American Vampire.' As the name suggests, all the contestants must dress themselves to look like vampires! 

Miss American Vampire-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World


12.Mosquito Legs Contest

To be called mosquito legs in most places might be considered an insult, but not in Clute, Texas. As part of the Great Texas Mosquito Festival, men and women compete in the Mr. and Miss Mosquito Legs competition by strutting their stuff in a pair of shorts. The bests legs wins the crown.

Mosquito Legs Contest-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

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