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Bizarre Creatures Found In The Amazon Rain Forest

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 9:07 am

1.T Rex Leech

This looks like something out of a horror movie, and that is before it gets stuck on you and begins to drink your blood. One thing that's for sure is you will never want to have one as a pet because what would you do with it anyway?

2.Puss caterpillar

It is difficult to actually describe this caterpillar without being too derogatory to it. This caterpillar looks more like a wig on a branch, but it is indeed an insect and wins the award for the most bizarre one out there.

3.Candiru fish

This fish deserves to be in here because it has a habit of working its way inside of your body. Guys in particular need to be careful or it will swim up their penis and how much do you want to avoid that?


This is a bird that just looks as if it is constantly bored with life due to those big eyes. There is no doubt that it is expressive enough, but at the end of the day he is a bird that will stand out from the crowd due to having an attitude problem.

5.Peanut head bug

How freaky and strange does this guy look? It is the kind of creature where you just feel as if it is not actually real until you see some footage of it moving and realize that it is not some special effects and that the Amazon does indeed have something like this going around.

6.Glass frog

There is no need to explain how this frog got his name because he is indeed capable of showing all of his bits and pieces due to his skin being clear. This is just very strange, but you cannot help but look at it and marvel at the sight you see before you.

7.Fishing bat

Yes this is a bat that also goes fishing, so it is certainly a bit different from most of the bats that you may have already encountered. This is a species that is rather impressive in what it does, but it is still a bat and is, therefore, strange to look at.


8.Jesus lizard

This photograph sums up how this little guy gets his name because he really does run on water. This is a rather impressive party piece, but overall you have to say that he is also quite cool to look at, from a lizard perspective that is.

9.Bullet ant

These ants really are something else and if you see them at work you will understand how they came to get their names. These little guys pack a nasty punch and you are probably going to be pretty freaked out by the way that they even look never mind what they can do.


10.Poison dart frog

Do not be fooled with the bright colors and rather wacky design because this guy means business. The colors are actually designed to act as a warning system for potential attackers and his poison does indeed pack a pretty good punch for even the healthiest of humans.

11.Electric eel

An eel is a horrible creature, but an electric eel just takes things to an entirely new level. Yes you will indeed get a shock if you come across this guy, but then why would you want to see him in the first place?



How cool looking is this little guy? It does look as if he has been caught in the act in this photograph, or he is the greatest posing animal to have ever existed. He may not be the strangest animal in the Amazon, but he has to be one of the coolest.


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