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15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 11:32 am

The Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, news sites, or sites like ours represent just one side of the internet! There is a dark side to the internet that many of us don't know. You would find highly disturbing and disgusting pictures/videos there. Known as 'shock sites,' there are at least a few dozen popular sites that host uncensored suicide, rape, murder, and bizarre porn videos. It doesn't always need to be bad. For example, there are pictures of some skin conditions that freak you out. We made a list of fifteen phrases you should never ever search on the internet. You have been warned!!!

Pray to God that you never run into a situation where you have to search for this term. Acariasis is a horrible condition where skin or other body parts of humans and animals get infested with mites.

Acariasis-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

5.Soggy Biscuit

It's a terrible sex game you hope you stay unknown. This is a male masturbating game where a group of men start jerking and cum on a digestive biscuit. The first one to cum will be the winner. The last one to cum is the loser, and needs to eat the biscuit!

Soggy Biscuit-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever


A horrible, disgusting and deeply disturbing picture/video will show up when you search for the term. The image displays a girl in a bathtub who shoots diarrhea up in the air and then into her mouth. You can't simply unsee the shit, and we strongly suggest you not to check it!

TubGirl-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

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