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15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 11:32 am

The Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, news sites, or sites like ours represent just one side of the internet! There is a dark side to the internet that many of us don't know. You would find highly disturbing and disgusting pictures/videos there. Known as 'shock sites,' there are at least a few dozen popular sites that host uncensored suicide, rape, murder, and bizarre porn videos. It doesn't always need to be bad. For example, there are pictures of some skin conditions that freak you out. We made a list of fifteen phrases you should never ever search on the internet. You have been warned!!!
7.Skin Condition

Don't go to and enter 'skin condition' in the search bar. If you do, you are going to puke your gut out! You will see horrible pus-filled infections and infestations. 

Skin Condition-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

8.2 Girls 1 Cup

You may have heard about this before. If you don't know what it is, better don't search for it on the Google. This could probably be the worst thing you could see on the internet. It's a porn video where two women were shown eating each other's feces. 

2 Girls 1 Cup-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

9.Mucus Plug

Mucus plug is biological substance that blocks the opening of the cervix to prevent bacteria entering into the uterus. It falls off a few hours before the birth of a baby. If you or someone in your family is pregnant, it's okay to learn a few facts about it. However, we strongly suggest you to avoid checking mucus plug pictures, particularly if you have a bad gag reflux.

Mucus Plug-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

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