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15 McDonald's Employees Tell The Worst Thing They Witnessed In The PlayPlace

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 1:45 pm

Kids love McDonald's PlayPlace, but as an adult, you may already know how things can go horribly wrong there. Not just PlayPlace, almost all children's play areas have some really dark secrets that many of us don't know. Now coming back to this list, we have fifteen McDonald's employees who revealed some really shocking things they witnessed at PlayPlace. These confessions will help you understand the place better and take extra care of your children. 
13.The Never-ending Tales of Bad Parenting

A little boy's father came up to me to inform me that a little boy (possibly his son, information not given) just "whipped it out and pissed all over the slide". I went and told my manager who shrugged it off for about 20 minutes and then finally made the new girl go with him to clean it up. I was glad cause she was a bitch (she got fired 2 weeks later (: ). When they returned the new girl told me that my manager cleaned it up, but then the father of the little boy came up to tell me that another boy was now peeing on the slide so me and the new girl went over to check out the situation and then what we saw was quite peculiar. I assume that the first boy who pissed on the slide got a couple of his friends and they were all at the top peeing down the slide making a steady stream of pee come down the slide.

The Never-ending Tales of Bad Parenting-15 McDonald's Employees Tell The Worst Thing They Witnessed In The PlayPlace

14.The Scary Acts of Teens Many People Don't Know

Former manager at a semi-shading location. I had to kick teens (and occasionally employees) out of our outdoor play place for smoking weed with astonishing regularity. One time someone also tried to sell drugs there.

The Scary Acts of Teens Many People Don't Know-15 McDonald's Employees Tell The Worst Thing They Witnessed In The PlayPlace

15.More Troubles Caused by Teens!

At the one I used to work at we all took weekly turns cleaning and sanitizing the PlayPlace. It wasn't that bad usually, just the occasional toy or McChicken left in there. It was a Sunday afternoon and my shift manager was about to go and clean the PlayPlace. He asks me to come with to carry the tool bin (a little thing to tighten loose bolts and a few sanitation devices) so of course I oblige. We round the colorful corner to see 4 girls, couldn't be more than 15-16, all sitting in one of the rounded clear tube ends flashing passing vehicles (which would explain the honking that has occurred all morning. They were immediately asked to leave and we promised not to call their parents. TLDR; Teen girls were flashing cars from the clear PlayPlace tube.

More Troubles Caused by Teens!-15 McDonald's Employees Tell The Worst Thing They Witnessed In The PlayPlace

I feel sorry for McDonald's employees after reading all these confessions, I am sure all the readers here feel the same as well, But if you think this is the limit then you must read confessions from Disney employees. They have witnessed some of the nastiest things ever. Here are 15 Disney employees who confessed the craziest thing they have seen people doing at Disneyland.

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