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15 McDonald's Employees Tell The Worst Thing They Witnessed In The PlayPlace

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 1:45 pm

Kids love McDonald's PlayPlace, but as an adult, you may already know how things can go horribly wrong there. Not just PlayPlace, almost all children's play areas have some really dark secrets that many of us don't know. Now coming back to this list, we have fifteen McDonald's employees who revealed some really shocking things they witnessed at PlayPlace. These confessions will help you understand the place better and take extra care of your children. 
10.This Interesting Confession!

When I worked at McDonalds (Hired June 4th 1999, Quit October 31st 1999. That was a loooong 4 months) our closing manager would regularly let some high school kids stay later than the lobby closing time. I was 16 at the time, and the manager was in his early 20s, and obviously didnt give a shit. Often times we would just pickup a few cases of beer when we were closing on a weekend, and wed all just fuck around instead of working. (This is one reason we would be there til ~2:30am closing usually).
Above mentioned manager was later fired when someone forgot to clean up after the previous night closing antics (opening manager/store manager found a half a bottle of Absolut, and 3 cans of beer in the ice chest the next morning.) And so ended the late nights at McDonalds.

This Interesting Confession!-15 McDonald's Employees Tell The Worst Thing They Witnessed In The PlayPlace

11.The Fist Fight that Scared Everyone

I worked at a McD's way back in the day (13 years ago), and before I started, a kid climbed on top of the equipment, fell off, and broke his arm. A photographer came to the store to take photographs of the equipment for the pending lawsuit. The store manager gave the okay, and the guy went out to do what he came to do. The owner of our franchise came in, found out that the guy was outside on the playground, and went out to confront the guy. After a few heated comments, the store owner starts to SHOVE THE PHOTOGRAPHER, telling him to "Get the hell off my property" with kids watching! All these kids came running into the store, screaming and crying, while parents tried to dodge the now full-out fist battle on the playground. Two grown men. Screaming and punching while kids were screaming like Jesus was on them.
I didn't last long at that job.

The Fist Fight that Scared Everyone-15 McDonald's Employees Tell The Worst Thing They Witnessed In The PlayPlace

12.A Fat Lady's PlayPlace Adventure

I worked at a McD's in the late 90s and we had a hamplanet, think 400-500lbs, woman try to get in the PlayPlace. She got in and up to the middle level of the 3 level play tower and got stuck in a tube. We had to call 911 who had to get a crane and unbolt the tube and lift her and the tube out, then cut the tube off of her fat ass. She looked like a pig stuffed into a giant yellow straw.
Our PlayPlace was out of order for 4 months while we waited for the replacement parts. I couldn't believe her lard ass thought that was in anyway a good idea. The whole tube was bowing while she was stuck in there for like 3-4 hours. The fire department used the ladder on the ladder truck to brace the tube cuz they were afraid it would break and send her 500lb ass crashing to the floor 15 or so feet below her.
PS. Yes this was in Floriduh.

A Fat Lady's PlayPlace Adventure-15 McDonald's Employees Tell The Worst Thing They Witnessed In The PlayPlace

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