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15 Celebrities Who Spent Time In Prison

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 11:55 am

Did you know that many top celebrities have spent time in prison? There are some really big Hollywood names in this list. Going to prison isn't a small thing. It's a potential career and life spoiler for a common man. In fact, a common man can never think of serving time in prison. However, for some celebrities, going to prison is not a big deal. They have spent months in jail despite being the fact they were popular at that time. Here are the fifteen celebrities who went to prison. 
4.Wesley Snipes

Wesley was sent to prison for tax evasion and for basically not bothering to send in his tax returns. It is believed that he avoided millions of dollars, but he has now been in prison for three years, so in a way the tax office managed to get their own back since his career will probably also be finished by the time he re-emerges.

Wesley Snipes-15 Celebrities Who Spent Time In Prison

5.Richard Hatch

Richard was of course the first winner of the first 'Survivor' show, but that is what led to his downfall. In actual fact he was sent to prison for three years from 2004 to 2007 for failing to pay tax on the $1 million he won on the show. It is quite ironic that it happened to him leading to an even longer stint of survival than he was anticipating and you would have thought he would have been given some advice to avoid this from happening in the first place.

Richard Hatch-15 Celebrities Who Spent Time In Prison

6.Mark Wahlberg

Mark spent a total of 45 days in jail even though he was initially sentenced to a total of 2 years. This happened in 1986 and he was charged with assault and attempted murder after beating up a guy in the street with a wooden stick. He says that this is when he realized he had to turn his life around and to be fair he has managed to do that since the 80s.

Mark Wahlberg-15 Celebrities Who Spent Time In Prison

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