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24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 10:44 am

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the world, with thousands of women going under the knife to increase their breast size, Celebrities aren't an exception either. Many celebs already have breast implants or what commonly known as fake boobs, with very few celebrities who had a breast reduction surgery to get the perfect figure. In fact, very few celebrities prefer staying natural despite aging or other things affecting the size and shape of their breasts. One can detect fake breasts just by looking at them. Fake boobs are rounder than Earth, and clearly, defy its gravity! Needless to say, the gap between two fake breasts looks very unpleasant. Here are 24 Hollywood celebrities who had breast implants.
10.Carmen Electra

Baywatch actress and Playboy model Carmen Electra has set a bad example for younger women after she underwent a breast augmentation surgery to increase the size of her already big and beautiful 32B breasts to 32DD. She says she deeply regret the decision because she thinks she looked more beautiful with her natural breasts. Sharing her disappointment over the decision to go under the knife, Once homeless Carmen Electra said that a woman persuaded her into getting breast implants telling her that life would be much better with bigger breasts!  

Carmen Electra-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

11.Heidi Montag

When it comes to Heidi there is no way that you could not fail to notice that she had some work done on her breasts. Heidi Montag went from almost nothing up to an impressive bust size and you can see that she does seem to be much happier within herself.

Heidi Montag-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

12.Dolly Parton

Dolly is naturally big, so it is a surprise to find out that she has also had implants. She claims that she has had things done to stop them sagging since Dolly's breasts really are something that she is famous for, apart from singing that is.

Dolly Parton-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

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