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24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 10:44 am

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the world, with thousands of women going under the knife to increase their breast size, Celebrities aren't an exception either. Many celebs already have breast implants or what commonly known as fake boobs, with very few celebrities who had a breast reduction surgery to get the perfect figure. In fact, very few celebrities prefer staying natural despite aging or other things affecting the size and shape of their breasts. One can detect fake breasts just by looking at them. Fake boobs are rounder than Earth, and clearly, defy its gravity! Needless to say, the gap between two fake breasts looks very unpleasant. Here are 24 Hollywood celebrities who had breast implants.
13.Anna Nicole Smith

The late Playboy model was one of the very few celebrities who went through extensive breast augmentation work. Anna Nicole Smith had a gorgeous body at the beginning of her modeling career, but her smaller breasts (A cup) were a major setback. Her infamous 89-year-old ex-husband J. Howard Marshall paid for the first breast implant surgery. She had gone through multiple breast implant procedures to increase her breasts size to DD. Her breast implants did help her become very famous, not to forget her nip slip, but unfortunately, she lived a tragic life until her death in 2007. 

Anna Nicole Smith-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

14.Lil' Kim

She may be little in size, but she certainly makes up for it in stature. However, you could argue that she went too far as she now seems to have breasts that are far too big for her size when you consider she is only 4 feet 11 inches tall.

Lil' Kim-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

15.Denise Richards

Denise has had not just one operation on her breasts, but three in order to get the look that she was hoping for. That is a lot of money and a lot of time recovering to end up with the breasts that you kind of always dreamt of.

Denise Richards-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

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