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12 Celebrities Who Once Worked At Hooters

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 1:02 pm

Many celebrities had a humble beginning. They were not rich when they were young, and they lived like an ordinary person to make some money. Many of the top celebrities worked a day job. Some of them even worked as waiters at restaurants. A few celebrities had to work at McDonalds, and some celebs even stripped for a living. What you are about to see now are the pictures of 12 celebrities who once waited tables at Hooters! Their job turned the tables (no pun intended!) for them as they managed to meet some influential people in the entertainment industry, who offered them a chance to act or model!  
10.Holly Madison

Holly is of course famous not only for being a Playboy girl, but she is also an old flame of Hugh Hefner. In all honesty the first part is fine, but surely you would be ashamed of the second part?

Holly Madison-12 Celebrities Who Once Worked At Hooters

11.Naya Rivera

Naya is of course in Glee, but she started off her working life at a Hooters in Valencia, CA. It probably did help her rather bubbly personality because you hardly get somebody working there that is seen as being a shrinking violet?

Naya Rivera-12 Celebrities Who Once Worked At Hooters

12.Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a very famous and wealthy Hollywood actress today, but she worked as a full-time Hooters hostess shortly after graduating from high school. She wanted a job at that time to make money so she could buy a car. She waited tables at Hooters only for three months. Well, Amy says she was a very innocent girl at that time and didn't really thought of becoming famous or wealthy one day. Many celebs prefer hiding their past, but Amy Adams says she is proud to be a former Hooters waitress. She also revealed that she had worked for a local clothes store for a few weeks before becoming a Hooter girl.

Amy Adams-12 Celebrities Who Once Worked At Hooters

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