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12 Celebrities Who Once Worked At Hooters

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 1:02 pm

Many celebrities had a humble beginning. They were not rich when they were young, and they lived like an ordinary person to make some money. Many of the top celebrities worked a day job. Some of them even worked as waiters at restaurants. A few celebrities had to work at McDonalds, and some celebs even stripped for a living. What you are about to see now are the pictures of 12 celebrities who once waited tables at Hooters! Their job turned the tables (no pun intended!) for them as they managed to meet some influential people in the entertainment industry, who offered them a chance to act or model!  
7.Teri Harrison

Teri is a model and has been in Playboy, but before all of that she was working at Hooters and actually took part in their very own beauty pageant. This did help her to get noticed and the next thing you knew she was getting her clothes off.

Teri Harrison-12 Celebrities Who Once Worked At Hooters

8.Leeann Tweeden

Leeann spent quite some time as a Hooters girl while she was working on trying to build up her modeling career. It did of course just help her to make ends meet and she has since gone on to do quite well for herself.

Leeann Tweeden-12 Celebrities Who Once Worked At Hooters

9.Vienna Girardi

Vienna was in "The bachelor", but she also spent some time working at Hooters before all of that. It is difficult to work out what would be the highlight out of the two and in all honesty most people would end up picking working at Hooters.

Vienna Girardi-12 Celebrities Who Once Worked At Hooters

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