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Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 1:22 pm

Wardrobe malfunctions are common in the entertainment industry. We have been seeing them happen from a very long time. Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions don't happen every day. When they do, the incident will be all over the news! In most cases wardrobe malfunctions are accidental. They often happen due to lousy designing of the outfit/dress by the designer or due to some unforeseen circumstances. Although they act like they don't care about it, A wardrobe malfunction can be traumatic for a celebrity. However, in some cases, celebrities and models intentionally let their clothes slip or drop, hoping for some popularity! Be it an accident or a publicity stunt, a wardrobe malfunction excites an average fan! Here are fifteen worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that are sure to shock you!
1.Miranda Kerr Shows More than Expected

Model Miranda Kerr flashed audience members while walking the catwalk for Eva Brazzi for Liverpool department store's Fashion Fest in Mexico City. As she was showing the versatility of her ensemble, Kerr accidentally flashed her lace undergarments. The model didn't notice the mishap until later on. On one hand, not everyone at the event saw the malfunction. On the other hand, everyone with an internet provider did.

Miranda Kerr Shows More than Expected-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

2.Heidi Klum's Expanding Slit

Heidi Klum is used to showing some skin, but even this was a little bit much for her. While walking the red carpet, the model accidentally flashed photographers when the slit in her dress shifted from her right side to the very front of her body. Even though the dress looks perfectly normally, showing your goodies on the red carpet is not.

Heidi Klum's Expanding Slit-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

3.Anna Nicole Smith Hides Nip Slip

Anna Nicole Smith's wardrobe malfunction is one to remember. The late model almost exposed her complete boob, while announcing the winner of the Hottest Character Awards during the G-Phoria Awards show in 2004. The strap on her left shoulder slipped down, but Smith quickly covered herself before her entire mammary gland was exposed.

Anna Nicole Smith Hides Nip Slip-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

4.Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl

Janet Jackson possibly invested in a better bra after this incident. During the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show, Jackson brought Justin Timberlake on stage. It seemed like a normal performance until Timberlake ripped a piece of Jackson's top off, leaving her breast exposed. Even though a star was covering her nipple, CBS was livid that Jackson allowed such an act to take place. To this day they both claim the incident was unintentional. Timberlake's career skyrocketed after the event and now Jackson barely makes music.

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

5.Julianne Hough's Double Slit

Julianne Hough definitely knows how to party hard. The actress was dancing the night away a Golden Globes after party when she split her dress in not one, but two places. She took it all in stride and even shared the photo of her damaged dress on Instagram. On the positive side, at least the split wasn't straight down the front or back.

Julianne Hough's Double Slit-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

6.Kelly Rowland's Moving Bra

Even Kelly Rowland's strappy bra couldn't keep her strapped in. In 2011, the singer was performing 4Sixty6 club in NJ, when she had a double nip-slip. It took a couple of minute for Rowland to realize her boobs were also putting on a show. Rowland remains embarrassed about the incident, but she says it was not intentional.

Kelly Rowland's Moving Bra-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

7.Toni Braxton's Backside

In August 2013, Toni Braxton made headlines for her wardrobe malfunction. While performing a medley of hits, the back of Braxton's glittery dress slipped off. Strangely enough, she did not feel a breeze. Like the pro she is, Toni Braxton kept on singer until a guy gave her a jacket to wear. Luckily, Braxton was wearing a nude undergarment, so not too much was showing. Sorry fellas, looks like you'll have to wait a little longer to see more of Toni Braxton.

Toni Braxton's Backside-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions


8.Sofia Vargara Split Down the Middle

Sofia Vergara always seems to wear a form-fitting dress to events. But her form didn't really fit into the dress she wore at the 2012 Primetime Emmys. The actress was fine walking the red carpet. But 20-minutes before her show, Modern Family, won the award for 'Best Comedy' the zipper on the back of her Zuhair Murad Gown burst while she was in the bathroom. Lucky for her, someone was able to sew her right up, and she appeared on stage with the cast like nothing ever happened.

Sofia Vargara Split Down the Middle-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

9.Jonah Hill Split Pants

Jonah Hill should definitely invest in better quality pants. The actor was too busy hobnobbing and posing for cameras to pay attention to the gaping hole in his trouser leg. His pants are very loose fitting, so it couldn't be Hill's size that led to the rip. This can only be the disastrous results of buying your pants from the bargain bin at the local mall.


10.Khloe Kardashian's See-Through Blouse

In 2011, for some inane reason, Khloe Kardashian opted to wear a see-through top during an appearance on Fox & Friends. No one on the panel seemed to realize that Kaardashian's nipple was showing, but viewers at home sure did. She was heavily criticized for not wearing a bra with such a revealing shirt. The Kardashians do like attention, so it wouldn't be shocking if Khloe did it on purpose.

Khloe Kardashian's See-Through Blouse-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

11.Katherine Heigl's Broken Strap

Red looks good on both Katherine Heigl's body and face. Heigl must have the reflexes of a cat, because she saved herself from shear embarrassment when the strap on her dress snapped, as she made her way onstage to accept an award a couple of years back. The actress was able to cover her left boob before giving the world a show. Journalist Billy Bush kindly held her strap in place, so she could deliver her acceptance speech.

Katherine Heigl's Broken Strap-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions


12.Rosario Dawson Split Down the Middle

In May 2013, Rosario Dawson gave the red carpet photographers a little more than they bargained for. Her outfit went from a gorgeous evening gown to a peek-a-boo dress, when it malfunctioned and split down the middle, thereby exposing her nude unmentionables to the crowd. In spite of the wardrobe malfunction, Dawson wore that dress like it was made for her.

Rosario Dawson Split Down the Middle-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

13.Tara Reid's Chest Makes an Appearance

Tara Reid's red carpet boob exposure is probably one of the most memorable. The actress looked disheveled from the moment she hit the red carpet. After a few minutes of posing, her left boob decided to make an appearance. Reid continued to pose with her boob exposed for several minutes. Her overall appearance left many wondering if everything was okay with the actress. To this day, her wardrobe malfunction is one of the most talked about.

Tara Reid's Chest Makes an Appearance-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

14.Anna Faris Tighty Whitees

It's one thing to have a torn dress, or a nip slip, but Anna Faris experienced a double booboo on the red carpet. On top of having a soaked dress train, Faris exposed her bright white undies for all to see. None of the people behind her are using umbrellas, so it's a mystery as to why her dress is wet. I guess Anna Faris missed the memo that you're actually supposed to pin your wrap dress so it doesn't fly open.

15.A Breeze Blows for Jessica Simpson

Mother Nature was not on Jessica Simpson's side when she was performing on stage a few years back. Judging by her expression, Jessica Simpson was mortified by her wardrobe malfunction. While performing, the back of her dress flew up, exposing her undergarments. She quickly rushed to fix it, but photographers already had snapped the incident.

A Breeze Blows for Jessica Simpson-Top 15 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions


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