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Emma Watson Growing Up Timeline

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 8:00 pm


This brings us right up to the modern day since it was taken in 2014. What we see now is a grown woman who is confident in herself and happy with her fame. We look forward to how she will continue to develop.

2.The Bling Ring

This was her major film for 2013 and you have to admit that she does suddenly look very different to how we saw her years ago. She is now a grown up woman and she knows how to flaunt her stuff.

3.The Perks of being a Wallflower

We are now up to 2012 and in this movie we do see her more as being an adult rather than a schoolkid. Of course that is entirely to do with the fact that she no longer has a school uniform on.

4.Short hair

To mark the end of the Harry Potter movies, Emma decided that she wanted short hair as she was forced to keep it long for years. This was seen as her release from playing the schoolgirl and she undoubtedly suits it.

5.deathly Hallows Part 2

We now skip forward to 2011 and a fresh faced 21 year old. This is the last part of the Harry Potter series, so she then went ahead and made some major changes that she had been putting off for years.

6.deathly Hallows Part 1

We are now up to 2010 and she is no longer a teenager after hitting 20. It is getting harder and harder to play a schoolgirl, but of course the Harry Potter movies are coming to an end.

7.Half Blood Prince

This is 2009 and she is in her final year as a teenager in real life whereas she is still playing a school girl in the movies. Of course this image gives a distorted view of her, but you can still appreciate how she has changed.


8.Order of the Phoenix

The next movie came out in 2007, so of course that meant that she was now 17. It is a bit deceptive seeing her in a school uniform in her character, but even in this setting there is still a clear difference between her now and when she started out.

9.Goblet of Fire

This next installment came out in 2005, so she is now at the heady age of 15. Yet again you see some development in her and she is certainly growing up before our very eyes thanks to the number of Harry Potter movies that were out.


10.Prisoner of Azkaban

This movie dates to 2004 and you do start to see her turning from a young kid into an adult since she was now 14. She has lost some of the baby features that got her the role, but she is certainly still young enough for the character.

11.Chamber of Secrets

This movie was made in 2002, so she was 12 at the time and there is not really a big difference between this photograph and how she looked the previous year. She was a little bit taller, but apart from that not much else was going on.


12.Sorcerer's Stone

This movie was back in 2001 and as you can see she is just a young thing since she was only 11 at the time. However, she undoubtedly looked a lot younger making her perfect for this role.


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