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Famous Celebrity Babies

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 9:04 am

1.Harper Seven Beckham

Victoria and David have four children, but Miss Harper Seven is the one who got the most attention. Harper is the couple's only girl, so when Victoria gave birth to the little princess, in 2011, the news was the talk-of-the-town. Out of all of their children, she has been photographed the most. I guess that's what happens when you're the youngest and Daddy's little girl.

2.Jackson Theron

The word 'mother' doesn't mean anything if you don't live up to it. Charlize Theron proved that when she adopted her son, Jackson back in 2012. Theron's career is nowhere near what it used to be, so the public has been focused more on Jackson and his adorable outfits instead of Theron.

3.Angelo James Konecki

Adele sings about her life, but she keeps her son Angelo James Konecki away from the spotlight. However, the more private she is about little Angelo, the more the paps follow the pair around. Adele is the singer in the family, but Angelo is the star. Photographers might snap one or two photos of Adele when she's out and about, but the majority of the pictures are of Angelo.

4.Camden Lachey

Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa Minnillo welcomed their son Camden into the world in September 2012. Due to his high-profile parents, little Camden was all over the news and on several magazines. It's only a matter of time before Camden forms his own boy band and starts singing to the Ladies.

5.Jessica Simpson's Maxwell

The woman who once thought tuna was chicken is now the mother of two kids. Jessica Simpson's daughter, Maxwell, is almost as popular as she is. Although Simpson was gaining a noticeable amount of weight during her first trimester, she refused to confirm her pregnancy, but when little Maxwell entered the world, the singer was not afraid to show her off.

6.Louis Bullock

Sandra Bullock shocked the world when her son, Louis was featured on People magazine. The actress had gone into hiding after it had been confirmed that her then-husband Jesse James had been cheating on her. And when she resurfaced, she had baby Louis by her side. The pair is inseparable. Bullock is used to the cameras, but whenever Louis sees the paparazzi, he gives them a mean side-eye.


Halle Berry is a timeless beauty. When she and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry got together, the world just knew their future offspring would be gorgeous. Berry gave birth to Nahla in 2008 and she's been eyed by the paparazzi ever since. Berry has spent years fighting with the paps to try and maintain her daughter's privacy. Sadly, it seems as though poor Nahla is going to have a few stalkers when she grows up.


8.Prince George of Cambridge

Prince William and Kate Middleton aren't the typical celebrities, but their son sure is. Their son,Prince George of Cambridge was born famous. From the moment Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy; little George's arrival is all the magazines could talk. During his introduction ceremony, the photographers were more concerned about taking his photo and completely disregarded the Duke and Duchess.

9.Suri Cruise

For years it's been a longstanding rumor that Tom Cruise couldn't have children. But when he married Katie Holmes and little Suri was born, the paparazzi couldn't get enough of her. Even though her mom is the celebrity, fans and photographers tend to follow Suri around instead. Little Surihas become so popular that other little girls wanted to wear the mini heels she would walk around in.


10.Moroccan and Monroe Cannon

After all the men Mariah Carey has been linked to, Nick Cannon is the one who gave her a stable family. Her twins (or 'dem babies' as she likes to call them) came as a surprise to fans and the media. Many thought that Carey would never become a mom, but that all changed when Moroccan and Monroe Cannon were born in 2011. Now Carey has a tendency to share at least one photo of the pair every few weeks on Twitter.

11.North West

Kim Kardashian's pregnancy came as a surprise to many. Her fans and foes thought that an attention seeker like Kardashian would surely reveal the tiny tot on the cover of a magazine. But little North's father, Kanye West, was not interested in exploiting his child for fame. When West appeared on Kris Jenner's talk show, a few months ago, he allowed the Kardashian matriarch to show a picture of little North.


12.Blue Ivy Carter

For months Beyonce and husband Jay-Z kept their daughter Blue Ivy's face hidden from the public. Every time the couple went out in public, the little princess had a blanket over her face. The pair finally decided to reveal little Blue Ivy on their own terms, by releasing her photos on the world-wide-web. With rich parents like hers, Blue Ivy is the one of the most privileged kids in the world.


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