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Hottest Celebrities Who Are Lesbians

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 9:15 am

Coming out as Gay or Lesbian isn't easy for everyone in today's society, even for celebs. But some celebrities are open about their sexuality. Many Celebrities have accepted to be bisexual or Gay/Lesbian. Here are 12 Hot female celebrities who love women over men.
7.Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez doesn't like to label herself, but she and her female co-star from the film Bloodrayne were rumored to be dating. In the UK edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the actress said that she had been with both sexes. She is still not admitting that she is a lesbian.

Michelle Rodriguez-Hottest Celebrities Who Are Lesbians

8.Clementine Ford

Former star of the Showtime series The L Word, Clementine Ford is the thirty two year old daughter of actress Cybil Shepherd. She is also a lesbian who was once married to actor Chad Todhunter whom she divorced after just four years of marriage. Ford began dating record producer and musician Linda Perry, five years later, in 2009.

Clementine Ford-Hottest Celebrities Who Are Lesbians

9.Amber Heard

Amber Heard came out at GLAAD's 25th anniversary party, letting everyone know that she was dating female artist Tasya van Ree. The twenty five year old actress has successfully dated men, and claims to be more bi-sexual, but is another one who doesn't like labels. When she loves someone, it is the person she loves, not the gender.

Amber Heard-Hottest Celebrities Who Are Lesbians

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