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Hottest Celebrities Who Are Lesbians

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 9:15 am

Coming out as Gay or Lesbian isn't easy for everyone in today's society, even for celebs. But some celebrities are open about their sexuality. Many Celebrities have accepted to be bisexual or Gay/Lesbian. Here are 12 Hot female celebrities who love women over men.
10.Evan Rachel Wood

A Golden Globe winner, actress Evan Rachan Wood came out during an interview with Esquire Magazine. In the 2011 interview she claimed to be more bi-sexual than lesbian, and stated that she is like the guy in the relationship when she is dating a woman. She was once engaged to Marilyn Manson.

Evan Rachel Wood-Hottest Celebrities Who Are Lesbians

11.Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is often in the news for being arrested or having to go to rehab, but she also made news in 2008 when she publicly dated DJ Samantha Ronson. Refusing to classify herself in anyway she does not wanted to be called a lesbian or bi-sexual. She's just LIndsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan-Hottest Celebrities Who Are Lesbians

12.Portia De Rossi

Actress Portia De Rossi was born in Australia and has been dating talk show host and comedian, Ellen Degeneres since 2004. Four years later, the couple married in 2008 and Portia changed her legal name to Portia Lee James Degeneres. It wasn't always so easy. Portia was married to a man in order to get a green card and for fear that being a lesbian would ruin her chances of getting acting roles in Hollywood.

Portia De Rossi-Hottest Celebrities Who Are Lesbians

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