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Top 30 Hottest Pornstars To Watch Out In 2020

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 11:09 am

Most men watch porn every day but do you know who are the top porn stars that are ruling the porn industry in 2020? The older and known ones are still out there, acting in various porn movies. This year, there are some new faces too. Most of the times, you see a porn star's picture, and you identify her. However, you don't really know their name or any other details about them. Check these top 30 porn stars of 2020, their names, details and many other facts that are worth knowing for an average porn watcher! Sorry to disappoint you, but you will be seeing pictures of them only with their clothes on!

#23 Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle is a 28-year-old American porn actress who made her adult industry debut when she was just 18. She had a troubled childhood. Her mother died when she was just a six years old. Lexi was adopted and raised by her foster mother until the mother was diagnosed with cancer. Lexi became the ward of the state again when she was 12. The Irish-American has acted in over 595 porn movies. 

Lexi Belle-Top 30 Hottest Pornstars To Watch Out In 2020


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