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15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 7:20 am

Miley Cyrus is still one of the biggest names in Hollywood and American recording industry. People talk about her music and performance. They talk about Miley Cyrus Trashy behavior as well. At a very young age, Miley Cyrus won millions of hearts around the world with her incredible performance in Hanna Montana. She was like any other popular Hollywood celebrity until a couple of years back, but she has now followed a totally different league, though. Fans have no clue what really happened to this girl. Most of her songs and recent stage performances are heavily sexualized. Read these fifteen trashy and bizarre things Miley Cyrus has ever done. 
1.Miley Threatens her Dad Billy Ray

Yes this is true, Miley Cyrus threatened her father Billy Ray on 25th June via Twitter, and gave an ultimatum to her dad to tell her the truth, although the 20 year old didn't actually do anything after an hour past and also deleted the post from her twitter when her father himself contacted her. She assumed that the reason of both of her parents getting a divorce is because of her dad getting along with a mystery woman named Dylis Croman who starred with Billy Ray Cyrus in the Broadway production of "Chicago" last year. -Source TMZ

2.Miley Wearing Diapers

Back in those days when people were newly getting used to seeing a cute and bubbly young woman transform into a wild marauding turkey that can't stop twerking, Miley Cyrus shocked her fans while performing wearing a diaper at one of her "Bangerz" tour performances, stooping to a new low. She performed "We Can't Stop" from "Bangerz" (2013) music album wearing a diaper. A couple of years later, Miley appeared in a music video "BB Talk" pretending to be a baby with a diaper. While normal human beings evolve into wearing dresses from diapers, the "Hannah Montana" star seems to be aging the other way; It's the Benjamin Button movie all over again. God knows what's up with her lately, but we are sure she's soon going to get rid of the diaper too!

3.Miley In bed with Harry??

Miley took some heat for posing in bed earlier this winter with a cardboard cutout of Harry Styles. The star didn't understand why it raised eyebrows. While the Twit Pic was supposed to be good-humored fun for her 13-year-old sister's birthday, the Twitter universe exploded. Fans wondered about a "secret" crush. Critics wondered how much of a role model she really was to her younger sis and fans. Miley responded with the fact that she was happily engaged and that she was "just getting saucy with a cardboard cutout." Duh. 'Cuz that's what we all do from time to time.

4.Miley's Cheeky Looks, oops!!

The sign on the door said, "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service," so Miley thought she was fine. Memo to Miley - you're trashy girl! Her cheeky display while shopping last summer was a bit much. How on earth could the girl think this was appropriate? Just like we have no desire to see "plumber's crack," we have no desire to see any part of her rear. Can you imagine? A casual day shopping, when bam! Your run right into Miley's butt. You'd think eventually she'd get it!

Miley's Cheeky Looks, oops!!-15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy

5.Miley Goes Punk

Miley's look for the recent Met Gala caused some to do a double take. However, her spiked bi-color hair and a netted gown were voted "best dressed" by many. While her garb wasn't appropriate for all occasions, the ball did have a punk theme. The netted gown was a couture number from Marc Jacobs. The 20-year-old star indicated she was going for a "Morticia Addams look." If that's the case, consider her goal achieved. All-in-all, this was a milder look for Miley. Aside from the nude looking panel underneath the netting anyways!

Miley Goes Punk-15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy

6.Miley's Antics On stage

At just 18, Miley was Complete with lingerie, a seductive lick of the lips and inappropriately grabbing herself. This choice behavior even had honorary "grandmother," Dolly Parton talking. Parton told Larry King that she thought Miley's behavior was "trashy." She even went so far as to question who around her was encouraging her inappropriate behavior. Obviously, Miley didn't take Parton's comments to heart. Instead of becoming more classy, the girl keeps getting more trashy. Is she really growing up?

7.Miley a Pole Dancer?

Miley's Controversial Pole Dance got some rave critiques from her fans and people around the world. Ah yes, remember your teenage years? Those fun nights when you found a pole and just started doing your thing on stage in front of millions of people? Miley was just 16 when she pole danced to "Party in the USA."


8.Miley's Str*pper looks

Miley is seen here strutting her stuff at DJ Borgore's Christmas Creampies concert in December. And to everyone's shock she was dancing with a topless stripper, slow down Miley This performance definitely drew criticism!

9.Miley Forgets Inner Clothing

Miley took to last springs Billboard Music Awards donning a tuxedo jacket! Along with...well, nothing of course! Most women pair tuxedo jackets with cute shorts or slim pants. Those selections proved to be too much of a burden for Cyrus. Her youth could allow for the jacket with no shirt beneath it. However, when you pair no pants and nothing underneath that jacket, it's just trashy!


10.Miley's Not So Sexy Wedgie

Miley Cyrus has this habit of giving herself cunt-crushing wedgies during her stage performances. Crazy acts like these may look "sexciting" to some of her fans, but let us remind you that the "Milky Milky Milk" singer has no real secrets down there, as she has flaunted her "pink canoe" numerous times for magazines! Do you really think she looks sexy in the picture? We certainly don't feel so. Many of her fans don't like her batshit crazy dance moves either, They still love her, though. Just in case if you find this picture sexy, a simple search on Google with the key phrase "Miley Cyrus Wedgies photos" unearths a stash of such awkward yet racy pictures!

Miley's Not So Sexy Wedgie-15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy

11.Miley smoking?

Like any other loser celebs, Miley too thinks smoking is cool, but wait, does Miley knows the age group of her fans? i think she don't. Despite the buzz around the world to quite smoking celebs like Miley feel it's cool, Miley we are your fans don't disappoint us.


12.Miley's See Through Top!

Last summer Miley flaunted this see through top with an exposing bra and over the knee boots, i understand it's summer but that's just one trashy outfit one can have. Well, what can we say, it's the latest buzz to wear see through cloths in celeb world.

Miley's See Through Top!-15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy

13.Miley Joins The Show Your Side Boobs Trend

Miley at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala. Miley showing a plenty of side-boob. Celebs are now flaunting this new show your side boob trend and Miley is not behind. Do they realize most of us just things it's trashy? Hopefully her wardrobe updates with more sensible dresses soon!

Miley Joins The Show Your Side Boobs Trend-15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy

14.Miley's new dress codes: Bad-Girl Tee

So long role model, hello rebel. Miley now proudly displays a "Sex Drugs & Rap" tee. Her top does covers her but shorts reveal a lot, one can look like a rebel without going for such revealing cloths, let's hope she understands one day what an actual rebel is

Miley's new dress codes: Bad-Girl Tee-15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy

15.Inappropriate 'Bill Clinton' Performance

On February 2014, while performing 'Party in the USA' song at Vancouver Bangerz Tour, she simulated giving oral sex to one of the back dancers who dressed up to look like Bill Clinton. This disturbing performance by Miley Cyrus shocked many fans. No one really had a clue what really made her do that crazy act on the stage.

Inappropriate 'Bill Clinton' Performance-15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy


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