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Most Awkward Celebrity Kisses

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 8:27 am

1.Mick Jagger/Gwyneth Paltrow

Most girls would die to get a kiss from the lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger ... in his younger days, that is. However, this awkward kiss with Gwyneth Paltrow seems uncomfortable and doesn't paint a sexy picture of the aging rocker. With such a huge female following though, it doesn't seem Jagger is at a loss for female attention.

2.Will Smith/ Jada Pinkett

Will Smith always knows when the camera is on him, and he makes the best of it. Hamming it up with his wife Jada Pinkett, he plants one on her and then wipes his lips and acts exhausted, while she laughs hysterically. It seems things aren't as funny these days though, as rumors still swirl about their divorce.

3.Gene Simmons/Shannon Tweed

Known for his long tongue, Gene Simmons may have found the perfect woman; someone who can kiss back with an equally long tongue. It only took him twenty eight years to marry Shannon tweed, with whom they have two grown kids together. It looks like they still have that spark between them, or at least those tongues.

4.Paris Hilton

Did this kiss ever actually become a reality. With both their mouths open, they look to be going in for it, however, their mouths are so wide that it seems fake and to be just for the paparazzi. Paris Hilton flirts with this unknown guy in true Paris Hilton style, giving us one of the more awkward kisses in our celebrity line up.

5.Richard Gere

In 2007 Richard Gere sparked a firestorm when he kissed Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on stage at an Aids awareness event. While she didn't seem to mind the overaggressive kiss, protestors in India were offended by what they deemed to be taking advantage of Shetty's Indian culture and modesty. Effigies of both actors were burned in the streets of India.

6.Barak and Michelle Obama

Trouble in the White House? It looks like this kiss between Barak and Michelle Obama is anything but warm. Seeming awkward and tightlipped, the President and the First Lady seem uncomfortable and out of sync as they go in for the kiss. Out of practice maybe, or just not interested?

7.Simon Cowell/Meshgan Hussainy

It appears that Simon had something on his mind while kissing his fiancee, at the time, Mezhgan Hussainy. It is not known whether Cowell was dating the then-married Lauren Silverman during his engagement to Hussainy, but his forty year old ex confronted him this summer to find out the truth.


8.Will Smith/Eva Mendes

This looks like a near miss. It's always awkward when someone gives you their cheek to kiss. Mr. Smith appears to have intended this kiss to be a mutual air kiss, but Mendes went in for the contact kiss. It happens all the time, but it's not caught on camera, unless you are a celebrity.

9.John Travolta/ Kelly Preston

This kiss that John Travolta is laying on his wife Kelly Preston, looks anything but comfortable. With all the rumors surrounding his sexual orientation, it doesn't help his case when he looks barely into that kiss, and a tad tight lipped. For a married couple, they look out of practice.


10.George Clooney/ Tilda Swinton

This looks like the most sanitary kiss in the world. George Clooney kisses Tilda Swinton through a piece of glass. Nobody can get jealous of that. It's not really kissing if there's a barrier between you, but tell that to the thousands of prisoners who kiss their significant others through glass. It's real to them.

11.Ashlee Simpson/Pete Wentz

It's no wonder it didn't work out for Ashlee Simpson and Peter Wentz after seeing this awkward kiss. They barely touched lips, and Wentz doesn't even pucker. Sharing a son Bronx together, Simpson filed for divorce in 2011, leaving the songwriter addicted to drugs and paranoid. Simpson has since moved on with fiance Evan Ross.


12.Scarlett Johansson/ Sandra Bullock

The 2010 lip lock, that shocked Sandra Bullock fans and the world, marked her first appearance on tv since her split from Jesse James. As a sign that she was ready to move on from her unfaithful husband, Bullock grabbed Scarlett Johannson by the face with both hands and laid one on her, while on stage before millions of people watching the MTV Movie Awards.


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