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Most Stupid Fan Bases On Internet

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:04 pm

1.Bruce Springsteen

Both men and women alike, make up The Boss's fan base. From age thirty five to sixty, most have been following the singer since 1984 when he released "Born in the USA." With 2.4 million FaceBook followers and 278,000 Twitter followers, Bruce Tramps can be found at his concerts or on the website Backstreets.

2.Star Wars

Warsies can be any age, from those who saw the original movie in 1977 to small children who are just discovering it. There are 8.85 million FaceBook followers and 269,000 Twitter followers, with a lot of them hanging out on the official Star Wars site or May the force with with them all.

3.Star Trek

Trekkies number in the millions. They are die hard fans of Star Trek which covers a huge demographic. You've got your older fans of the original Star and younger fans that can be as young as in their teens or younger who have seen the movies. With over 5.5 million FaceBook followers, this is one of the largest fan bases out there.

4.Harry Potter

With 50.7 million FaceBook followers and 728,000 Twitter followers, Potterheads and Potterites range from young children to adults who have read the books and seen all the movies. Most of them hangout at The Leaky Caldron where they can chat with each other on forums and get the latest Harry Potter news.

5.True Blood

Trubies number in the 10's of millions, with 10.7 million FaceBook Followers and 500,000 Twitter followers. With about half and half, male and female, fans, the average age is thirty nine years old. Fangers can be found on and other fan fiction sites. True Blood is HBO's most popular television series.

6.Oprah Winfrey

Women between the age of thirty and seventy love Oprah with such devotion, she has become a type of mentor to them. With 7.7 million FaceBook followers and 14 million Twitter followers, her magazine O has a circulation of about 2.5 million. Most fans can be found on Oprah's official website .

7.Arrested Development

Arrested Development has a sort of cult following with 1.6 million FaceBook followers. The television show only aired for three seasons but managed to win four Emmy Awards. With streaming available on NetFlix, the viewership grew to such large proportions that NetFlix funded the filming of new episodes six years after the show was canceled.


8.Lady Gaga

Little Monsters number in the tens of millions. die hard fans of Lady Gaga, there are 53 million FaceBook followers and 30 million Twitter followers. You can find most of them on fan sites such as LittleMonsters, GagaDaily and LadyGagaNow. Younger women and gays make up most of her fan base.

9.Hunger Games

With 7.8 million FaceBook Followers and 657,00 Twitter followers, Tributes are typically teenage girls or young adult women. die hard fans of The Hunger Games, you can find most of them hanging out at and on HungerGames Tumblrs. The Amazon best selling Suzanne Collins book trilogy spawned the 2012 5th biggest premiere weekend in movie history, when Hunger Games hit the big screen.


10.Lord Of The Rings

Tolkienites are die hard Lord Of The Rings fans, having read all the books and seen all the movies. With 10.4 million FaceBook followers, most of them hang out on TheOneRing fan site. Fans ages range from those in their seventies who began their devotion with the books, to young children who were introduced to Lord of The Rings through the movies.

11.Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has a wide age range of fans. With over 4.2 million of them following their FaceBook page and 465,000 following their Twitter page, they are mostly literate and patient, having read the books of up to 1,000 pages long and waiting six years for the last one.



With 35.2 million FaceBook followers and more than 1 million Twitter followers, Twi-hards or Twilighters, as they are called, are die hard fans of the Twilight film franchise. Mainly teen age girls and women in their twenties, you'll find most of these fans posting lots of reaction videos on YouTube.


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