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Most Ugly Celebrities

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:49 pm

1.Marty Feldman

Marty Feldman was an award winning actor, and English comedy writer, known for his bulging eyes due to Graves Disease. His looks have landed him roles in blockbuster movies such as Young Frankenstein and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. dead at the age of 48, Feldman took his immense talent with him.

2.Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi has had an amazing acting career, despite his looks. Known for his crooked eye-tooth, Buscemi plays a great bad guy, such as his role in Domestic Disturbance opposite John Travolta and Vince Vaughn. Known for his role as Mr. Pink, in Reservoir Dogs, Buscemi is a staple in the industry.

3.Keith Richards

At 69 years old, did Keith Richards ever think that he would still be playing guitar with the Rolling Stones, in front of sold out concert halls at his age. The answer is probably no, but he is still going strong. Actually looking better than he did when he was younger, Keith Richards has a huge following.

4.Lyle Lovett

Once married to Julia Roberts, and with a great career in acting, Lyle Lovett never let his looks alter his destiny. The country singer, songwriter and actor recorded 13 albums and has released 21 singled. At age 56, he is not getting any better looking, but he has had monumental success.

5.Amy Winehouse

No one wants to speak ill of the dead, but Amy Winehouse ruined her looks with drugs. The singer met an untimely death and was taken from us too soon. Talented and with a future ahead of her, she is known for hits, such as Rehab and Valerie. Passing away just shy of her 28th birthday, Winehouse brought together an eclectic mix of musical genres as her signature sound.

6.Courtney Love

Courtney Love is the poster girl for why you shouldn't do drubs. At just 49 years old, she looks much older than her age. The singer, songwriter, guitarist and author is known for being married to the deceased, and infamous singer Kurt Cobain. Courtney looks really beat up and it gets worse every year.

7.Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace doesn't have to be pretty, she's rich famous and talented. Sister of Gianni Versace and millionairess, Donatella is not as easy on the eyes as one would expect when they see her long, blond hair and slender figure. Donatella is the Vice President of Versace and owns 20 percent of the stock in the company.


8.Steven Tyler

Some say he's handsome, some say he's ugly but there's no mistaken his talent. As the pouty lipped lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler has a style all his own. His microphone decked out in scarves, his long velvet coats and crazy pants, necklaces and rings, all make him the guy we love to hear belt out rock ballads and rockin' hit.

9.Iggy Pop

The Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop is a singer, songwriter and even an actor. Leaping off stage during his performances with his then band, the Stooges, Iggy became the stand out as the lead singer, before branching out on his own. Iggy put the stage dive on the map, as well as began the heavy metal and punk rock movement.


10.Sandra Bernhard

Comedienne, singer and actress, Sandra Bernhard earned her fame as a stand up comedian in the late 70's. Her schtick was as unattractive as she is, as she brutally critiqued celebrity culture as well as political figures. The 58 year old has never been a beauty, but she makes her looks work for her.

11.Sean Penn

Sean Penn's looks have never seemed to hold him back. From a huge movie star career to dating some of the hottest women in Hollywood, this man was married to Madonna, the pinnacle of hitting the top. His breakout role was playing Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.


12.Clint Howard

Clint Howard is the younger brother of Director Ron Howard, who it it big as Opie on Andy Griffith and and then Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. Clint followed in much smaller roles, such as appearing on the Odd Couple, but he ever had the boy next door looks or charm that his brother did.


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