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Amazing Packing Tape Art

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:51 pm

1.Who Do you Think You're Fooling?

Woman can say a lot with just one facial expression. And this may only be an illustration made with packing tape, but the look on the woman's face is priceless. Aside from the perfect details on both of their faces, the hat is the star of this piece. This guy will probably be sleeping on the couch tonight, though.

2.Faceless in the Hall

This piece is name 'I Shouldn't.' Though the woman with the coat in her hand has no face, it's obvious that she's conflicted about something. Much like the title, she is probably deciding if she should stay or go. There are so many amazing little details in this illustration - from the simple hallway construction, to the wrinkles on the maid's outfit.

3.James and Ursula

This artwork is a recreation of a photo taken of actors Ursula Andress and James Dean. They were dating at the time and though he looks rather annoyed here, this is an exact depiction of the original photo. It was created using packaging tape on acrylic with translucent resin light box.

4.Scared and Waiting

If you can create genuine emotion on the faces of your subjects in your artwork, then you are a true artist. This Marc Khaisman creation takes a stunning blonde and immortalizes her in packing tape art. Even without a bunch of intricate details and techniques, you can still feel the fear on the woman's face.

5.Cigarette Please?

Skilled artist Max Zorn has outdone himself with this work of art. Even with almost half of his face being covered by a shadow, this artwork is a stunning creation. Due to Zorn's technique, the guy in the illustration makes smoking look like it's his job. Some packing tape artworks look choppy, but this one is seamless.

6.Boxer Packing Tape Art

Depicting an African American male in artwork not easy, but this image is a champion. Some artists fall flat and don't know how to re-create African American features properly. The boxer looks like he's ready to go a few rounds in the ring. The different shadows and shades created by the tape give the Boxer distinct features and a 3D realness.

7.Hermes Handbag

If you can't have a Hermes, then you can always create one. This packing tape art was created by Marc Khaisman. The different reds and hints of gold and brown tape make this illustration the masterpiece that it is. It's not easy to make a bag look 2D, but Khaisman did a great job with this Hermes rendering.


8.Can't Help But Laugh

This beautiful reenactment of James Dean and Audrey Hepburn from a movie is stunning. There is no scenery behind them, so your eyes instantly focus on the pair. Both of their faces don't have a lot of details, but because the artist is so skilled, you can easily tell who the artwork is supposed to resemble.

9.Lady Silhouette

Creating a silhouette is one of the hardest images to mimic in art andMax Zorn was able to do this with tape. If you don't have enough shadows or shading, a silhouette image can fall flat. You can't even see the woman's face, but the image is so mysterious that you want to know more about her.


10.Selfies with Packing Tape

It's hard enough taking a good selfie, but when you combine that with packing tape art, you have a difficult task on your hands. This art was done with several small pieces of packing tape. The two women are easily detectable. This talented artist was able to position each and every piece of tape in a way that gives the artwork enough details without going overboard.

11.Ringo Start Artwork

Beatle member Ringo Starr would be proud of this illustration. Artist Max Zorn used long strips of tape to create this artwork and it mirrors Starr during his younger years flawlessly. The amazing part of this artwork is that it resembles an oil painting and looks nothing like packing tape.


12.John Lennon

It's been decades since his death, but John Lennon is still being honored by fans in some very unique ways. Artist Max Zorn created this beautiful and perfect rendering of John Lennon with just packing tape. The illustration looks so life-like that is appears as though Lennon is staring straight at you.


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