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12 Black Jokes That Are Offensive Yet Hilarious

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:47 am

This topic has no bad motivations, and the only reason why it exists is some people don't mind reading racist or offensive jokes. All they care at the end of the day is some fun. Remember, reading racist jokes doesn't make you a racist. Hating people, stereotyping, or prejudicing against them based on their race, ethnicity, or skin color makes you one. Every social group in the society has racists and victims. So let's put a stopper to the discussion on racism, and quickly check these 12 black jokes. Don't forget to take a look at these Mexican Jokes, Blonde Jokes, and a collection of Racist Jokes that has jests on Asians, Jews, and even on white people!
4.The Big Question

Why are there very few black characters in Star Trek? 
Well, they don't work in future, either! 

The Big Question-12 Black Jokes That Are Offensive Yet Hilarious

5.This Offensive Joke

How do you start a marathon in a black neighborhood? 
Roll a doughnut down the street and watch them running behind it!

This Offensive Joke-12 Black Jokes That Are Offensive Yet Hilarious

6.More Questions

Why don't black girls wear panties to picnics and outdoor panties?
To keep flies off their fried chicken! 

More Questions-12 Black Jokes That Are Offensive Yet Hilarious

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