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Cool Dispensers You Can Actually Buy

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 10:01 am

1.Soap and shampoo

OK so you are not going to find this in the Ladies, but you can actually buy this soap and shampoo dispenser and there is a reasonable chance that you have worked out the market that it appeals to. It may be slightly trashy, but it is also rather funny as well, but just be careful not to squeeze too hard.

2.Old Geezer

Well this old geezer certainly knows how to give you that drink that you are so desperate to have. This is certainly very funny and you can imagine the reaction you are going to get when the old guy starts to pee the very first drink. However, is it alcohol or is there something else going on?


If your kid uses tape a lot, perhaps when doing crafts, then how about getting them this rather bright and colorful snail tape dispenser? You have to admit that this little guy is rather cool and it would look great in their bedroom or on their desk.

4.Soap dispenser

Ok this is both cool and also a little bit gross in equal measure because yes you do have to squeeze his nostril in order to get some soap out although making it green in color is certainly optional. You have to admit that it is certainly creative to design this, but perhaps it has a limited market appeal.


This shark chlorine tablet dispenser certainly adds a but of fun and humor to an otherwise boring and mundane task. The funniest part has to be the fact that he has sunglasses on, so this is one cool shark and at least you do not mind this type being close to water.


This drinks dispenser certainly looks rather sophisticated and it is certainly going to be very well made. There is something rather elegant of the way in which it has been designed and you cannot help but think that this would look rather good in your dining room when entertaining guests.


Why have toothpicks sitting there in a silly box when you can have this little guy handing them to you instead? You have to admit that this does look a lot better than the other option as he is rather cool.



Well imagine this tape dispenser sitting in your kitchen. There is no doubt that it is perfect for the cupcake lover and obviously it is somebody trying to take advantage of the trend for cool cupcakes that seems to have been around for a few years.


You just cannot help but love this tape dispenser and hey at least he holds your pen as well. You have to wonder how somebody could come up with this idea in the first place, but who are we to judge them because the product works and that is the main thing.


10.Lego brick

Tape can look pretty boring when it is just sitting there, so how about this Lego brick tape dispenser? This is going to look cool and funky at the same time on your desk and it is certainly a lot better than just looking at that roll of tape sitting there.


Perhaps the best part of all of this is the way in which you have a stone on the handle of the dispenser and not just the main body part of the item. At least you have a choice of stones available just in case you have a personal preference.


12.Fire Hydrant

Ok imagine having this cool dispenser in your own bar at home. The fact you can see the alcohol inside and then simply dispense it by pressing the top does mean that this is rather neat and anyway chrome effect is certainly in right now as well.


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