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15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 12:27 pm

Pregnancy is the one of the most beautiful phase of life. You wait for the yet to be born baby, make all the necessary arrangements for his/her arrival, keep thinking about cool names for the baby, take beautiful pictures with your pregnant wife etc. But sometimes pregnancy photos can go terribly wrong due to various reasons, here are 15 disgusting (probably funny) pregnancy photos ever.
1.Keeping In With Nature

There is nothing more beautiful than nature and pregnancy? Although we will take a pass on a donkey or horse licking our bulging belly for want of a better setting. Just why would she decide to go and have her belly licked by a horse? When does that become a good idea?


There is no doubt that this is a scary photograph from start to finish, but at least the drawing of the baby is pretty good. You must be seriously bored and looking for something to do to then go and get this kind of photograph taken because it is so bad that it is funny even though it is not meant to be.


This is one of those pics where you look at it and just sit and stare and stare at the apparent stupidity of it. What makes you decide to take a snap like this when you are pregnant? What makes you take a snap like this at any point in your life?

4.Bad selfie

Just what on earth is going on here? There is absolutely no need to take a selfie in this way where you are pulling that strange face and lifting your leg up like a dog about to pee on the street. When do you ever feel that this is sexy?


You have to admit that there is something not quite right about this pose here and the guy is undoubtedly the creepiest thing in it. It is just a bizarre way to show that you are pregnant and surely they will look back on this in the future and cringe?

6.The wrestlers

Either they love wrestling or they are afraid to show their faces for some strange reason hence them dressing up like this. You have to admit that it is a freaky pregnancy photograph to have posted online because what did they think they were doing when they had this taken?

7.Playful Mommy

Your first reaction after seeing this image will be WTF! Is this woman out of her mind or she trying to abort the baby in a very cheap and disgusting way? We have no idea what made this woman think it would be cool idea to do that.

Playful Mommy-15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever


8.What Is She Drinking?

It appears as if the mom is drinking just soda, but the other bottle we aren't sure of. We really hope it's a water bottle or a soda bottle. Although this picture isn't as disgusting as the other ones, yet it's a hilarious pregnancy photo.

What Is She Drinking?-15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever

9.So awkward

The disgusting thing about this is the look on the guys face because boy does he look serious. Who wakes up in the morning and thinks that this is a good idea for a photo shoot with your pregnant partner? What was she thinking when he was doing his best Arnie pose?


10.Pregnancy Glamour Shots

At one time being preggy meant covering up, today all women want their time to shine and get their stakes in the pregnancy glamour photo shoot. Some just seem to pull it off a little better than others although having the guy flexing his muscles in the background certainly does not help.

11.Belly writing

This family have decided to declare all and write it on their tummy's. The thing is they probably need to as the mother is the only exception here for the big belly round up because just how big is the belly on the little girl?


12.This Overly Excited Dad

Okay, The guy's face expression is amusing, and he looks very excited as well in this pregnancy photo but is he aware how this image can appear disturbing to others. If you look at this image for a while, It seems as if they have taken an "about to abort this baby" photo. We really hope it isn't the case.

This Overly Excited Dad-15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever

13.Smoking Pregnant Woman

This pregnant lady seems like the most careless expecting mother. Even the dumbest people know one shouldn't smoke during pregnancy, but looks like she doesn't care how badly it affects the baby. She is also spoiling the boy walking beside her(let's hope he is not her son). Mothers like her make it to our worst parenting fails list.

Smoking Pregnant Woman-15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever

14.Dad with baseball bat

Although he is not doing any harm to the baby but still who comes up with such stupid ideas? Who paints their baby bump like a ball and take a photo with their husband with a baseball bat? There are so many awesome pregnancy announcements ideas out there and they choose to take a photo like this? 

Dad with baseball bat-15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever

15.Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy has become quite common in the modern world. More and more teens consider it as a cool thing to become parents at a very young age. And to some degree, we feel it's fine as long as the two parents are ready to take care of their upcoming baby and can provide good health and upbringing but looking at the pic of this girl in the below image, It appears to be an opposite case. The girl seems like she got pregnant at a very young age and is not afraid to show the world how proud she is of her mistake.

Teen Pregnancy-15 Most Disturbing And Stupid Pregnancy Photos Ever


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