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15 Epic Dog Beards That Will Make You Want To Have One

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 10:12 am

What pictures are you sharing with your social networking friends, lately? Selfies? Well, they are too main stream. Try doing an epic dog beard picture! People aren't really interested to see the same old boring faces of their friends again, and again. This is the reason why we see many photo and selfie trends come and go. Cat bearding is one such trend. It was started back in 2011. A year later, dog owners started dog bearding. The dog bearding trend gained momentum in 2012 and was at its peak in 2013. Dog beard concept is pretty simple. You just pose with your dog holding it nose-to-nose with the dog looking upwards. Do you want to give it a try? Check these fifteen funny dog beard pictures. 

1.Hilarious dog beard meme...

Don't like the old fashioned dog beard meme as everyone else is doing? then go ahead and take the pic will your dog has its mouth opened, this might not give you a good profile pic but it will surely make everyone lol

2.Great for social profiles

Are you a social networking addict? don't have any good pics for your profile then here is a nice way to fill up some extra pics for your instagram and facebook, just take a quick pic of your dog and you and you have your own nice profile photo.

3.Pointing the nose

A dog beard meme does not always mean a cool fur but sometimes a pointing nose can actually make it a good dog meme

4.Smiles all the way!!

Want to make your dog beard meme more funny and hilarious then your dog can do the magic by showing a little tongue like the one below, the dog has excellent fur and the little tongue makes it a perfect dog beard meme.

5.Showing up your inner wookie

If you lived in the '80s, you would probably know what a wookie is, if not it's a big fur mammal with gorilla teeth like the below picture, sometimes the teeth and fur color adds the extra touch to your dog beard meme

6.Horrible dog beards memes

A dog beard meme can turn into a fail if not taken at the right time and at angle, the below pics depicts it perfectly how it can gone totally wrong sometimes

7.The genius look

Dog beards is not a "only girls" thing, even some guys do make them and it turns out they do extremely well, the below image shows how a small dog owner(guy) uses the dog fur to his advantage


8.Classic style dog beard meme

Thinking of making a classic style dog beard memes? then make sure you are dressed up classic, the below one serves as a good example.

9.A perfect dog beard meme

A perfect dog beard meme does not only requires a perfect dog but the perfect of the meme also depends on you, the below meme is a perfect example of a perfect dog meme, the fur color of the dog matches with the hair color.


10.While you are in action

They are a meme of their own kind generally classified as dog beard memes. the technique is simple, just hold your dog near the mouth and tilt a little bit and take a snap from a little lower level and say cheezzzee!

11.Rising of dog beards

Dog beards are a thing, they started randomly by comedian/pet owner Vikki Stone. As the dogs come in varied size, shape and color of their fur, they create amazing photobomb pictures.

12.Long Coat Dog Breed = Awesome Dog Beard

When it comes to taking dog beard pictures, owners of long coat dogs like Pomeranian, Maltese, Shih Tzu etc get best results. Those dogs give their masters a nice and long beard. Check this guy and his 'furry beard'! 

Long Coat Dog Breed = Awesome Dog Beard-15 Epic Dog Beards That Will Make You Want To Have One

13.This Classy Look

We have a nice and long moustache here! The dog's mouth looks like an epic Chinese moustache on the girl's face. Don't worry if your dog doesn't have long coat. Keep experimenting, and you get best pictures. 

This Classy Look-15 Epic Dog Beards That Will Make You Want To Have One

14.This Perfect Dog Beard

This dog beard picture is a definite win. This is how you need to do it. Position your dog in a way that its mouth is exactly in line with yours. This man's dog gave him a near-perfect grumpy face. If you want to take a dog beard picture now, take this guy as inspiration! 

This Perfect Dog Beard -15 Epic Dog Beards That Will Make You Want To Have One

15.This Funny Dog Beard Picture

For some reasons, this picture looks a bit odd! It looks odd enough to make us laugh though. Small dogs give you right dog beard picture if you know how to take it. If you use a good high-definition camera, the whiskers will be visible in the photo, and they make the picture more attractive. Doesn't the lady look like she grew whiskers on her cheeks?

This Funny Dog Beard Picture -15 Epic Dog Beards That Will Make You Want To Have One


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