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15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:01 pm

"Would you rather" is an exciting and interactive conversational game usually played at parties or social gatherings. As you may know, the objective of this game is to put the respondent in a dilemma by making them answer a question that has either two good or two bad options. Would you rather have the ability to fly or power to become invisible? A question like this confuses an average person, as it is indeed a tough choice to make. Now try to answer this question. Would you rather sleep with your partner's best friend or your best friend's partner? Mind you; one can't say NO to a "Would you rather" question! Do you want to read more such questions? Go ahead and read these 15 funniest "Would you rather" questions then.
7.Nasty Would You Rather Question

Would you rather eat chocolate-flavored shit or shit-flavored chocolate? 
We know this question sounds very disgusting, but do you have any idea why we still put it here? We did this to prepare you well for a possible "Would you rather" game in the near future! Do you think your friends are going to ask you very simple questions? Something like, "Do you like eating a pizza or a lizard?" Nah, they will surely trouble you with stupid and offensive questions! Anyway, what's your answer to this question? Give it a thought; this question is a real brainbuster!  

Nasty Would You Rather Question-15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

8.It's Time To Insult Your Male Friends

Would You Rather Have a 2-Inch Penis or Man-Boobs? 
Girls, did your remember reading that spit or swallow question a few minutes ago? We admit that some sisters may find that question unpleasant, so what we are going to do now is give all girls a chance to make fun of their male friends with this question! Ask them would they rather have a 2-inch penis or man-boobs and have a lovely time seeing hilarious reactions on their face! We have to say that this is one of the most difficult decisions a man has to make! To conclude this, yes, a guy can easily get rid of those ugly man-boobs.

It's Time To Insult Your Male Friends-15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

9.A Question For Nerds

Would you rather be present at the beginning of life on Earth or the end?
This question keeps nerds busy for hours. It is a great question to discuss, though. Tell us; what do you want to experience? Do you hope to travel back in time to know what happened back then or wish to see future and witness the downfall of the planet? If you think traveling to future to see the end of the world is a bad idea, we are sorry to disappoint you, but traveling back in time is equally dangerous! Bugs back then used to be so large that they could maul people to death!

A Question For Nerds-15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

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