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15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:01 pm

"Would you rather" is an exciting and interactive conversational game usually played at parties or social gatherings. As you may know, the objective of this game is to put the respondent in a dilemma by making them answer a question that has either two good or two bad options. Would you rather have the ability to fly or power to become invisible? A question like this confuses an average person, as it is indeed a tough choice to make. Now try to answer this question. Would you rather sleep with your partner's best friend or your best friend's partner? Mind you; one can't say NO to a "Would you rather" question! Do you want to read more such questions? Go ahead and read these 15 funniest "Would you rather" questions then.
10.Toughest Would You Rather Question

Would you rather have AIDS and live for 20 years or cancer and die in 10 years? 
This is a legitimately tough question, and you need to think a lot before choosing one. Both the disease are terrible. HIV AIDS kills a person slowly over a period of 20 years approximately. It isn't curable. Cancer, on the other hand, has so many treatment options but the chances of surviving it are usually less. Coming back to the question, there is no point of survival here. One has to pick cancer or AIDS as a way to die, and people who choose AIDS over cancer has ten additional years to live. What do you think is the ideal answer to this question? 

Toughest Would You Rather Question-15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

11.This Scary Question On Death

Would you rather sit in a big microwave oven and burn yourself to death or sit in a refrigerator until you die? 
A weird question, we must say, but this one helps you to find out who in your friends' group are smart and know about science and stuff! The ideal answer should be killing oneself in a life-sized microwave oven. The death is going to be very painful, but it is a lot quicker than dying of hypothermia. Let's not forget the frostbite the butt gets while seated in a refrigerator!

This Scary Question On Death-15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

12.Gross Would You Rather Question

Would you rather pee in your bed every night or drool every time you talk to people?
This question is not very hard to answer, isn't it? Or, is it? Most people would prefer peeing in their bed to drooling. Oh yes, it sucks, but at least it's manageable and won't affect their professional or social life. Well, we all must thank heavens for not giving us problems like those! Sadly, some people suffer from such terrible conditions. Hey, be thankful for being healthy! Thousands of sick people pray to God for good health, and here, we cry for useless reasons. 

Gross Would You Rather Question-15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask At A Party

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