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12 Funny Quotes Told By Genie From Disney’s Aladdin TV Show

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 11:41 am

Genie from Aladdin is one of the most popular Disney characters. He is funny. He is powerful. Importantly, Genie is an indispensable member of Aladdin's team. Did you know Genie does not have any formal name in the show, and the name Genie is only a generic one referring to a Jinni? In Islamic mythology, Jinn (plural) are a set of spirits, ghosts, and demons. Muslims believe that God created humans, angels, and jinn. According to the Islamic scripts, a jinni can be good, bad, or even demonic. Genie from Aladdin is a good jinni, and here are 12 quotes from him that show his funnier side!

It is not so much what he says here that is funny, but more the way he says it and that is quite typical of genie when you look at how he is during the movie. He is lacking in enthusiasm and is a pretty poor supporters, but that just makes it better.

Jafar-12 Funny Quotes Told By Genie From Disney’s Aladdin TV Show

2.Monkey Kissing

The main thing you will notice here is that the monkey is not that keen on being kissed, but as the Genie is a big character, so perhaps that is understandable. However, Genie instantly regrets the decision of kissing the monkey. He spits out hair, and calls the monkey a hairball! The scene is from the climax of Aladdin movie. Genie takes all of the Aladdin's team in his arms for a group hug.

3.Cross over

The funniest part in all of this is that you do not expect him to suddenly cross over into the Lion King, but then genie can do everything, so perhaps it is not as crazy as it seems. However, it certainly changes the mood of the place.

4.Stiff neck

The funny thing about genie is that he does not have normal things to complain about like other people. Instead, he is worrying about this neck after 10,000 years and lets face it would you not do the same if you were in his position?


Well considering genie knows everything that there is to know, then surely you are going to listen to him when it comes to fashion? Surely he knows what is going to work for you and it is best that you pay attention because he is going to transform you within minutes.

6.Bath tub

Both the quote and the visual is funny here because who would have thought that he would own a rubber duck? He also seems annoyed at being in the lamp and that happens, but surely you can understand his frustrations?

7.Emergency help

Well when you see the speed at which he points out the emergency exits, then you know that the genie is indeed a cool guy that has others interests at heart. Sure you are only on a rug, so the exits are obvious, but at least he is kind enough to still tell you.


8.Curtain Picker Genie Quote

Well, you were not expecting genie to be too soppy! Are you? Instead, he settles for giving Aladdin a bit of a compliment before making sure that he knows the score and that he is not ready to settle down or anything. This particular quote is from the scene in which Genie saves Aladdin from drowning. Many of us might not have gotten the joke when we were younger. Nearly a decade later, we all know how hilarious this Genie quote is! As you may know, the expression "picking out curtains" refers to a couple moving in together. 

9.Dancing Genie Quote

Genie always wants to be seen and noticed, and you have to admit that he does manages to do that especially if there is a stage involved. He is after all the singing and dancing genie that we all love, and at least he does it with so much passion. Don't forget to take a note of the quote, "Well, how about that, Mr. Doubting Mustafa?" The quote stumps many. It sounds a bit confusing. Mr. Doubting Mustafa refers to Doubting Thomas, an English expression that is used to describe a person who refuses to believe anything unless there is proof.

Dancing Genie Quote-12 Funny Quotes Told By Genie From Disney’s Aladdin TV Show



"All right, Sparky, here is the deal. If you wanna court the little lady, ya gotta be a straight shooter!" 
This line is one of the funniest Genie quotes from Aladdin movie. This quote is hilarious, but it also makes a great bit of sense. Well, who wouldn't take relationship advice from Genie?! Though Genie is a funny character, he often delivers great lines on the show. At times, Genie's words are thought provoking! We can't deny his ideas. Here, in the picture, Genie looks very cool in his shades!

Sparky-12 Funny Quotes Told By Genie From Disney’s Aladdin TV Show


One of the funny things about this character is how he takes on different personalities and here he is more like a friendly giant than just a genie. He talks "street", which is strange considering he is cooked up in a lamp

12.The master

Genie is such a cool character and it is often the way that he puts across his own thoughts that makes him funny. Here he is torn about being free, but he always does it in a cool way which is why we love his character so much.


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