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Hilarious Wrong Number Replies

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 9:13 am

10.Too much info

This reply is hilarious and in actual fact it would have been better if they had just left it after their first reply and given the first person time to spread the news about why they split up. That in itself would have been so much fun.

Too much info-Hilarious Wrong Number Replies

11.Given a grilling

If you get a wrong number it is just human nature to go ahead and have some fun with it. This person really has been creative since they have turned themselves into a grill and you do wonder what the other person thought when they realized they were being taken for a ride.

Given a grilling-Hilarious Wrong Number Replies

12.Well he asked for it

Can you actually blame the guy that replied here because the first guy did ask for a picture and that is what he got. He was lucky that it was just a picture of a bare chest in all honesty.

Well he asked for it-Hilarious Wrong Number Replies

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