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12 Famous Hottest Women With Dimples

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 7:43 am

Did you know dimples are the result of a muscle deformity? Technically, they are a defect, but we got to admit they are indeed the cutest human deformity ever! A girl with dimples stands out even in a group of pretty women! Moreover, if the woman happens to be a celebrity, she is going to rule the show business with nothing but her dazzling smile. The following 12 hottest celebrities with dimples are a proof why women with dimples are the hottest type. With their perfect lips and beautiful smile, these dimpled Hollywood queens are going to make any guy fall for them right away!
1.Rooney Mara Super Cute

Rooney could have the biggest dimples ever seen! Throw in some sparkly eyes and a cheeky grin and hey presto! You have super hot cuteness.

2.Lauren London deadly

Lauren could melt an army of irate soldiers with that smile. Can smiles and dimples be rendered deadly weapons? We certainly think so here.

3.Lea Michele Winning Smile

Lea Michele's dimples are adorable. Here, she is pictured winning an award and flashing that cute smile that we all find so charming.

4.Crystal Reed Effortless

Crystal is always hot and she shows here that she hardly has to smile to have a dimple. Some people are just born with it all and she is one of the lucky ones.

5.Intriguing Kirsten Dimples Up

The intriguing thing about Kirsten Dunst has that uncanny ability to look highly sophisticated as well as very 'Girl Next Door'. Then she can mix it up. Here, she looks a bit of everything, classy sophisticate and girlish curtsey with her little side dimple.

6.Irresistible Cameron

If there was a hot box with all the cutest and hottest things to have, Cameron Diaz probably stole the whole box. With her cute laugh, hot body and sweet dimples she really is quite irresistible.

7.Hilary Duff Always Hot And Cute

Hilary is just one of the most beautiful women that has all the attributes of cute, plus the obligatory dimples. Is it even possible for her not to look good in any photograph that is ever taken of her?


8.Jennifer Garner The Unexpected

Sometimes it is the unexpected that delights us, in this case it is Jennifer's cute dimples. Undeniably enchanting.

9.Leighton Meester Hypnotic

Leighton seems to have a lot of things going on with her hotness appeal. Her face is a bit innocent mixed with sophisticate. Her eyes are incredibly naughty and to add to this are of course her cute dimples! The girl has it going on!


10.Ashley's Cute Over-drive

Ashley Benson looks so cute when she smiles she seems almost doll-like at times. Here one gets a double dose of her sweet appeal with her dimpled smile.

11.Cheryl Cole Doubly Cute

Ah, who can ignore those two pretty dimples on Cheryl Cole's face? Her dimples are perfect. You can't get anything better than them. If there were ever a magazine that only prints pictures of women with pretty facial pits, Cheryl Cole would surely be its cover girl! Cole is undeniably cute, and she seems to get cuter every day. Now that we have spotted her dimples, her baby cute sweetness factor is sure to reach boiling point! Just look at her smile, and tell us why any man in the world can't fall for her?! She is definitely one of the hottest famous women with dimples. People would still notice her dimples even if she wears outrageous see-through dress


12.Kate and Her Regal Dimples

Kate Middleton fast became Britain's sweetheart with her lovely demeanor and sweet dimpled smile. Now, all together 'Ah!'.


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