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15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 4:26 pm

Sometimes, parties go out of control. The last house party I was in, I saw a drunk dude put a firecracker in his butt crack and ask his friend to light it up. Unsurprisingly, the other inebriated guy obliged the request! BAMM! The explosion caused a nearby standing man to twitch and drop his wineglass. Not knowing what was happening around, a stoned guy ran out of the room stepping on the sharp pieces of glass, thinking an officer might have raided the house. We had to rush at least two guys to the nearby hospital, and well, I have never been to a house party ever again! Read 15 such funny, bizarre, and crazy drunk stories, as shared by people.
4.When an Ex Got Drunk and Made a Mess!

My ex GF once showed up at 2 in the morning unannounced after we had been broken up for two weeks. She is hammered drunk, so I just put her to bed because I had to work in the morning and didn't even wanna deal with her. About an hour later I wake up, and she is squatting down on my floor taking a piss. I turn the light on and I'm like "wtf are you doing?". She pulls her pants up pushes me away and calls me some other dudes name. She's grabbing her stuff to leave, and I'm pretty pissed at this point so just let her leave super drunk. I clean up the piss and go back to bed. About an hour later someone if pounding on my door again. I open it and its her shes like"hey what are you doing". I'm like you just pissed on my floor and left! She responds with "pfff I wasn't even here."
- A_Love_Stain

When an Ex Got Drunk and Made a Mess!-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

5.When One of the Friends Went Missing

A big group of my friends went out one night after some pretty serious pregaming. They get to a bar, drink some more; everyone's really wasted and a couple of hours pass. Eventually, the group reconvenes and decides to call it a night. At this point, they realize one person, lets call him K, is missing. But they just assume he's found his way home and leave.
The next morning, K is nowhere to be found. It isn't until 24 hours later that they finally found out what happened. K got so drunk he went running naked through the city until the police finally arrested him. He blew a BAC of .288
- Psohl14

When One of the Friends Went Missing-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

6.When You Watch UFC While You are Drunk

The first time I mixed tequila and whiskey, me and my drinking mate (who is 6" taller and has 100lbs on me) start wrestling. I think we were watching UFC or something. Anyways, he gets me in a bad guillotine choke. It was bad because he had my jaw in there. Afterwards, I had a case of TMJ (couldn't open my mouth much) that lasted for a couple of months. Afterwards, my jaw clicked any time I opened it. Fast forward a few years, and there we are mixing tequila and whiskey again. I asked him to punch me in the face, and he obliged. He knocked me the fuck out. However, he fixed my jaw. It doesn't bug me at all anymore.
- safeNsane

When You Watch UFC While You are Drunk-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

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