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15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 4:26 pm

Sometimes, parties go out of control. The last house party I was in, I saw a drunk dude put a firecracker in his butt crack and ask his friend to light it up. Unsurprisingly, the other inebriated guy obliged the request! BAMM! The explosion caused a nearby standing man to twitch and drop his wineglass. Not knowing what was happening around, a stoned guy ran out of the room stepping on the sharp pieces of glass, thinking an officer might have raided the house. We had to rush at least two guys to the nearby hospital, and well, I have never been to a house party ever again! Read 15 such funny, bizarre, and crazy drunk stories, as shared by people.
7.Being the Odd Guy or Third Wheel Has Its Own Advantages

My Freshman year of college me and my small group of friends went to my boyfriends family's cabin for a weekend of drinking. The first night there we all got pretty shitty and somehow the night ended in me and the other girl in the group having a competition to see who can get their boyfriend to stay hard longest. Then it turned into a blowjob race. And then it ended in the two couples of the group having sex with their partner, with the odd guy out just jerkin' it. All of this was going on in the same room. Everybody swore to not speak of it after that night.
- -Its_just_me-

Being the Odd Guy or Third Wheel Has Its Own Advantages -15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

8.Reason They Say Alcohol Gives You Wings

My cousin took me and two other friends out to celebrate the New Year. One of the friends, Amy, had not eaten before drinking and demanded McDonald's. As we were pulling in the near empty parking lot at the hour only people like us are out, her favorite song came on. She opened the door of the moving vehicle, jumped out, and landed on her feet. Then began to shake it like a salt shaker across the parking lot.
- dreamofnodreams

Reason They Say Alcohol Gives You Wings-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

9.So Many Twists and Turns!

After a crazy night of heavy drinking, me and my friend decided to crash at his house, everyone was asleep except his sister, we slowly got inside the house and went to his room to sleep. I woke up to some noise of something falling. Opened my eyes to see his sister blowing me, She immediately put an hand on my mouth and told me not to tell anyone, I said sure, and she continued. We dated for an year before we broke up.
- Smunny

So Many Twists and Turns!-15 People Reveal Their Best Drunk Story

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