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12 Photos That Show Puberty Doing It Wrong

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 1:42 pm

Puberty is a critical phase in everyone's life. Technically, it marks the end of childhood. Puberty decides whether or not an individual grows up to become a good-looking person. Puberty magically make ugly kids look beautiful. See the photos of our celebs who were ugly when they were kids for proof! Puberty can also make adorable kids turn ugly all of a sudden. Perhaps, you may know many such people who were very cute as kids. Check these 12 pictures that show puberty doing it wrong!  
1.Puberty Almost Won!

Nobody expected the Olsen twins to grow hotter when they appeared on Full House nearly two decades ago. This picture proves that puberty indeed tried its best to make the sisters look beautiful and sexy. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are undoubtedly looking hot in the picture on the right. It seems the twins failed to keep up their good looks. As you may know, Mary-Kate has been suffering from eating disorders from a very long time. She is anorexic. Her sister, Ashley Olsen has her share of medical problems. The 30-year-old actresses and fashion designers now look older than their age. Never mind puberty, better luck next time!

2.It just did not work out

There are just times where puberty does not work out for a person and you have to then feel a bit sorry for them. It is not their fault that mother nature was not kind to them.

3.Bad puberty

What we see here is a prime example of puberty having gone bad because how else could you actually describe what is going on here? She looked so sweet and innocent on the left, but looks nothing of the sort on the right.

4.More annoying after puberty

What seems to have happened here is that puberty has made her act even stranger because before it she was a nice Disney star and now, well she is certainly different. Can we just blame puberty though in this case?

5.Things did not quite work out

This is strange as it does appear as if she has changed sex during puberty and surely that cannot be a good transformation. OK so she was not actually born a boy, but you have to admit that she looked like one.

6.This could have worked out better

Yeah you could easily argue that in this instance puberty has not been kind to the kid as it took his nose away for starters. You would probably be left cursing puberty and wishing for your childhood days to return since you looked normal back then.

7.Is there a difference?

Is there actually any difference here apart form having less hair? Sometimes it just seems that puberty cannot be bothered with some people and it just does the absolute minimum before moving on to the next person.


8.This just seems wrong

Yep you have to agree that there is a pretty good chance that puberty has indeed done this one wrong. OK so they love a particular type of music or scene, but that does not have to mean that it is done right?

9.Somebody shave it off

When you look at this image you just think that maybe somebody should shave that moustache off and do it now. It just does not look that good and it would probably save the kid a lot of hassle at this early age.


10.So much is wrong

This one does show you so many examples of where puberty could, and should, have been kinder. It just seems that it is all down to luck as to how we survive it.

11.It wasn't kind to him

Macaulay Culkin was a massive child star and people loved how cute he looked. Fast forward past puberty and see how he looks now because boy it has not been kind to him at all.


12.Doing it wrong big time

This may annoy his fans, but with the way that he has turned out you have to say that puberty has indeed done it wrong. Here he was like the cute boy next door, but now he is acting like a spoiled brat, so puberty was certainly not nice that way.


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