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Top 15 Cheerleading Fails That Will Make You Lol

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 12:07 pm

Cheerleading is fun. Cheerleaders are pretty! Only after you see these cheerleading fails pictures you will realize cheerleading is not an easy job, and it isn't really for everyone. Do you know cheerleading is predominantly an American culture that spread to the other countries in the recent years? The history of cheerleading goes back to the 18th century. As expected, organized cheering first started in American colleges, as girls back then were trying to cheer their college sports teams. Over the years it evolved big until it became a profession. Check these fifteen cheerleading fails, and we bet you will laugh out loud at them! 
1.Bad idea

OK this might not have directly been the fault of the cheerleaders, but surely there were enough of them there to point out that the phrase on this banner might not be a good idea. Obviously it refers to a team called the beavers, but it just does not work well when you have the word eat before it, so a re-wording really is in order here. This is one time where it might have been better if the sign was upside down. Picture by

2.Green Bay

Ok this image is clearly meant as a joke and it does achieve that when you look at this particular cheerleading line up. It is cool the fact that they did not even bother to shave just to really hammer home the point they were making and you know that they would have got more than their fair share of laughs here. Perhaps the one in the bird costume was the luckiest out of all of them. Photo by add

3.Upside down

This is clearly a routine that has not gone as planned since the girl in the red circle is currently upside down and heading for a pile driver into the floor when the others are in an upright position. The guy is frantically trying to stop it, but you know he is going to fail and just has to watch as she tries to avoid injuring herself. This is something you would both laugh and cringe at if you were fortunate enough to be there.

4.Male cheerleader

Yes this is a classic picture of the male cheerleader. Check out the toned figure that is due to countless hours in the gym working on building up strength and poise. For some reason you cannot help but think that his other leg is going to lift off the ground as well resulting in him landing heavily on his back and collapsing in a heap. He is doing male cheerleaders around the country proud. Picture from

5.The mascot

OK you just know that this has been a dare for the guy in the mascot costume, but the timing of the photograph is absolutely perfect. However, the thing that does just clinch the image is the look on her face as she could not have timed it any better and this does deserve to be sent around as a fail, but only a fail in her not being able to keep a straight face.

6.The struggle

This guy looks like he can lift a reasonable weight, but perhaps the balance is wrong here as he looks as if he is struggling to lift this girl while she appears to not be bothered at all. To be fair at least he is putting in a lot of effort here and he is not about to give up without a fight, but you get the feeling that the odds are stacked against him here.

7.Giant timing

As if striking the wrong pose at the wrong time is not enough it has to be the girl who is much taller than anybody else there that does it. What this means is you are drawn to what is going on in the background rather than on the field and even the other girls are looking at her in a WTF kind of way as well. Do you get the feeling that she did this more than once as well?


8.The throw

This is a tale of how to do something and how not to do something. The team on the left have perfected the move as the girl is up high and doing her thing. However, the team on the left have incorporated a throw into the move resulting in one of their team smacking the ground while one girl holds onto her leg in some vain hope of lifting her back up.

9.Pants down

Ok to get up high they clearly need something to push on, but is it really necessary to pull down their pants and use their butt crack like some crevice to get leverage on? It does make you wonder what the view would be like from the front when she realizes what has just happened and has to stand there with her butt on show as her hands are busy.


10.The acrobat

Somebody has to tell this cheerleader that she is doing her acrobatic routine wrong. Well we say that, but maybe she is trying something brand new that is going to amaze and astound people. On second thoughts it will just be her doing a face plant into the ground at what looks like a scary angle that surely could not have been good for her neck and back?

11.The sign

This kind of thing happens quite a lot with cheerleaders as they appear to be very skilled at having signs upside down at various times. You would think that they would double check it all before they had to perform, but somebody always forgets leading to something like this happening. Well done girls you have done Rocky Mountain proud.


12.The hand position

This image appears to show the way in which they encourage the girl who goes up top to actually get up there. The fact that one girl appears to be giving a helping hand to the other in order to propel her just adds to the image and you know that she is going to shoot up onto their shoulder like a bullet out of a gun.

13.The look

This photo appears to be normal until you look at the two girls that are circled. The one on the left appears to have seen something horrible and is disgusted while the girl on the right looks scared and unsure of what is being revealed to her. They have lost track of what they are doing due to what their eyes see and that cannot be a good thing.

14.The single fall

This cannot end well for the girl in the photograph. You just know that she is going to introduce her face to the floor and there is nothing her arms can do about it. You can predict pain and perhaps a bit of blood and the guy to feel very guilty because with the size of him there is no way he should be letting her fall like that.

15.The collapse

Whenever they do the pyramid style finish it always looks good, but this is what happens when something does not go as planned. You just know the girl with the red hair is about to break the guys back by landing on him as he struggles to fend off the girl trying to eat his head. This cannot end well and you cannot help yourself in thinking that broken bones have to be a possibility.


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