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15 Stupid Sex Myths People Need To Stop Sharing

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 6:37 pm

Sex is one of the biggest open secret humanity is keeping for a very long time. One doesn't need any special awareness to engage in sexual activity when they are old enough to do it. However, a man or woman should have adequate knowledge about sex for a better and safer experience. Sex is not all about putting it in, pumping and pulling it out when done. Sex helps you reach the highest form of satisfaction, or when things go wrong, it may wreck your life with dangerous diseases like AIDS. Check these fifteen stupid sex myths people still believe.
4.Both Genders Think about Sex

It is a common belief among us that women don't think about sex as much as men do. It's completely wrong. Men and women both think about sex, but men are more likely to vent out their feelings openly than females.

Both Genders Think about Sex-15 Stupid Sex Myths People Need To Stop Sharing

5.Women Get Wet Dreams too

The quality of a wet dream depends on whether or not an individual had sex before. If you are a virgin, you may get lots of wet dreams, but they can't help you understand how real sex feels.

Women Get Wet Dreams too-15 Stupid Sex Myths People Need To Stop Sharing

6.Sex Burns Calories

It vastly depends on the intensity and the position of sex. Missionary style helps men burn more calories, while 'riding on top' help women.

Sex Burns Calories-15 Stupid Sex Myths People Need To Stop Sharing

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