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Adult Photos Vs. Childhood Photos

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 4:17 pm

1.Ozzy Osbourne Had It All

For the younger generation of Ozzy Osbourne fans this is a photo of Ozzy decades ago. Not many know that Ozzy was an exceptionally good looking guy. He would do well even by today's strict standards. This guy really had it all, good looks, money and talent.

2.When I Grow Up

When I grow up I wannabe be a Goth with blond hair and a BDSM collar. Some kids really do change and who would have thought this little cherub could also be a hot vixen leaning on the dark side of life? How different does she look?

3.Marilyn Monroe

A very sad photograph of Monroe and a rare one with her mother. Her mother was put into a mental home shortly after this was taken. Marilyn spent a life-time missing her mom and wishing for both a mom and a dad. She is just as cute in this picture as she was in later glamorous photographs.

4.Have They Changed Much?

Two brothers recreate a time gone by and one wonders if they really have changed that much? The guy on the left has the same mischievous grin, but his brother looks like he is battling to hold him up as easily as he did way back then.

5.Angelina Jolie

Angelina is another one that was born with good looks and just a little tweaking here and there has made her even more gorgeous. Rumor has it that she pumped up her top lip to match her bottom. You can take a look and decide for yourself.

6.Kate Hudson

It is difficult to find a kid picture of the cute Kate Hudson. When one does it is plain to see that she was certainly not as streamlined in her appearance as she is today. The poor girl suffered bats ears and a rather flat nose. Either way Kate's cute personality would have shone through we are sure.

7.Dita Von Teese

Not many people know that the dark alluring Dita Von Teese was once a sunny fresh faced blond as that is certainly not the image she portrays now. Just goes to show that blonds do not always have more fun. She happens to look gorgeous with both looks isn't she a lucky girl?


8.Jennifer Aniston

No one could argue that Jennifer Aniston was always cute as these pictures show. From a button nosed cheeky toddler to a rebellious teen she sure had style. Today though she has certainly turned into a beautiful swan both inside and out.

9.Marilyn Manson

Who knew this cute kid with the bowl hair cut and buck teeth would grow up to be such a monstrosity? It is good to know that Marilyn Mansons very blue eye has been put there by him and he wasn't born with it.


10.Lindsay Lohan

Lindsey Lohan was once a button nosed freckled kid with strawberry brown hair. Somewhere in-between she was a bronze golden haired goddess. Lately though we are not sure of the bleached blond hair and pale pink lips, and where did her freckles go? Some things are better left alone.

11.Brad Pitt The Golden Boy

Brad Pitt has enjoyed good looks all his life, but who knew he would turn into the hunk he is today? Still kicking it at over 40 just goes to show that good looks are often in the genes. We reckon his T-Shirt in the kid photograph could not be more incorrect.


12.Ballerina for Life

Some people just simply stay the same and never change. As this quaint ballerina photograph shows. This young lady is just as graceful as she was decades ago. Recreating a photograph is a great way of showing how we have not changed.


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