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Awesome Close-Up Pictures Of Snowflakes By Alexey Kljatov

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 9:33 am

1.Side View

This picture is literally amazing. It seems to be the side view of a snowflake and as you can see, the two ends look similar but on the side there is some depth. This is how they must look spiraling through the air to come to a soft landing on millions and millions of other snowflakes.

2.Snow Disk

This flattened snowflake looks different from the more star-shaped ones that we've seen. We have to wonder if these are the more dense snowflakes that fall during a heavy winter storm and if the stars are more the fluffy flakes we see when it's just a snow shower. Hard to tell.

3.Feathered Star

This snowflake looks like a bunch of feathers. You could use this to decorate your house and it would look like you spent a lot of money. Meanwhile, you could go out in your backyard on any snow wintery day and find something like this. That is, if you had the ability to see it and capture it.

4.Star Ship

Another amazing piece of art that Alexy Kjlatov caught on camera. These photos took him from amateur to pro in an instant. For him to have such a vision and to be able to create something to capture the beauty of something that we take for granted and never see for what it really is.

5.Star Gaze

Looking like pine tree leaves, this snowflake appears to be very spirited. Each leaf is as unique as the snowflake itself. It's hard to believe that nature made these and that they blow in the wind, staying in tact, piling up on each other to form such huge mounds of snow.

6.Stars In The Sky

Imagine if you could capture these snowflakes, enlarge them and solidify them. How many beautiful shapes would you have? If these were sold they would go for quite a heft price, since each one would be unique and unlike any of the others. Think about how crazy that would be.

7.Star Gazing

This snowflake looks like a Christmas tree ornament. Something you would proudly display and probably spend a lot of money on, if it were real crystal. But, it's not crystal and you can get it for free. It's a snowflake, like the ones that fall on your head every winter.


8.Starry Night

This snowflake is absolutely gorgeous. The crystal effects on each leaf-like projection is amazing to behold. It actually looks like a six sided disk with leaves glued on to the center piece. If you didn't know this was a snowflake you would swear it was a piece of crystal art.

9.Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Each end of this star is perfectly formed and equal in size to the other. How does this happen? It seems like a force greater than us all comes into play and creates these works of art that we could never even imagine to be out there. Those who see snow every day may not see it as a nuisance anymore.


10.WishUpon A Star

This snowflake looks more like we would imagine, a star-like shape, but can you believe the crystalline structure. An engraver couldn't have done a more details job than this, even an expert. Mother Nature astounds us with her work when we are able to see just what symmetry is in her work.


We always imagine snowflakes to look more like stars than squares, but every snowflake is different and there are some that look like this one. A hexagon, with flat edges and etchings within it, that almost look like leaves. It's amazing to see so close up, what a snowflake really looks like.


12.Star Light Star Bright

Alexy Kjlatov is a Russian photographer who made his own home made camera rig to enable him to take extreme close-up pictures. Capturing breathtaking photos of individual snowflakes, he allows us to see the intricacies and details in something we would never be able to see with our naked eye.


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