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Beautiful Sculptures Made Out Of Skateboards By Haroshi

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 9:38 am

1.A bit harsh

OK so this might be seen as being a bit rude, but at the same time perhaps the artist is trying to say something to the art world? No matter what the message may be you have to admire the work that has gone into its production.

2.A different kind of apple

Well this is certainly a different kind of apple, but it is also pretty cool to look at. This sculpture must have taken even longer to do because of the way in which the colors are arranged as this just adds to the overall effect and makes you immediately think about a certain technology company.

3.Skateboard bottle

Ok so this is certainly an easier sculpture for the artist in question, but it is still very well done and it actually gives you a better idea as to how they are put together. There is just so much work involved in it all when you see the different layers.

4.The straining bust

This sculpture is made even better by the fact that you can see who it is based on standing by its side. You can then see just how much detail is in there and how good the sculpture is because you can see the resemblance straight away.

5.Shark board

This shark is very interesting when you stop and look at him even though he is not as scary as the real life thing due to being made out of skateboards. You do stop and wonder how he is able to put them all together like this because he must have patience of a saint.

6.The colorful moose

Well this moose head is certainly more pleasant to look at compared to the real life thing that gets stuffed and mounted on the wall. A lot of people would say that he is also a lot nicer to even look at than the other option.

7.Skateboards made for walking

Well this is certainly using skateboards in a different light when you see them being broken up for the sake of making a couple of feet. However, they are certainly very colorful and pretty cool to look at even though there is just something a bit strange about them.


8.Reaching out

It appears as if this hand is just reaching out for something and as like the other sculptures by this guy there is just so much life in it. The way in which he manages to get the bones in the back of the hand to stand out really is so well done and just makes everything more life like.

9.Skateboarding cat

How cool is this particular sculpture? You just cannot help but like this and the way that there is just so much life in the cat itself. In your mind you can probably just picture it doing the entire trick now.


10.Scary skull

Well this skull is certainly quite scary to look at, but then it is only made from skateboards, so there is not really anything scary about it after all is there? It's funny how the colors of the boards just help to bring it back to life when the object itself is all about death.

11.The boot

Well this boot is certainly colorful enough when you look at the different skateboards that are included in it and you have to say that it is quite a cool sculpture. Sure you would not go ahead and wear it, but at the end of the day you have to admire the artist.


12.The moving dog

Well how cool is this? It resembles a dog with its head stuck out the car window with its hair blowing in the wind, but the fact it is made out of skateboards just makes you love it even more.


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