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Christmas Decoration Ideas

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 7:10 pm

1.Shades of White

White at Christmas symbolizes snow and peaceful serenity. Using white with your other Christmas colors, brings a wintery feel to the holiday. Use it for a table cloth, candle holders, dinner ware, and on mantles. Snowflakes, trees, and stars, in white, add a charm that is warm and inviting for the whole family.

2.Fruits and Pine

One whiff of that pine smell and you are immediately transported to Christmas. the scent brings back childhood memories of a magical time, when pies baked in the oven and Santa slid down the chimney. Mixing fruits and pine branches, brings that same delicious scent back to your Christmas holiday.

3.White Lights

White lights add a touch of class to your holiday decorating. There's something about the simplicity of sparkling white amongst the green of the tree or garland, that add sophistication to any room. Add lights to your wreaths, mangle pieces and even to staircases and door frames, for a magnificent Christmas display.

4.Door Branches

Branches brings the outside in. Getting back to basics, and to the original Christmas, branches are a wonderful way to decorate. Add lights and ornaments to create a whimsical feel to the room. Wintery and fun, branches give the room a blustery feel, adding a unique flare to the holiday festivities.


Another great color for Christmas is purple. A unique expression that you don't see everywhere, you can customize and accentuate any room during the holiday season. Adding warmth and pizzazz, purple stands out, bringing glamour to an otherwise traditional Christmas scheme. Purple ornaments, bulbs, lights and even gift boxes, brings the look to life.

6.Pink Christmas

Don't have a blue Christmas, have a pink one. Forget the red and green, and go for a feminine pink extravaganza. Pink ornaments, pink accessories, heck, you can even get a pink tree. The sky's the limit to what you can do with your creative style and flare this Christmas.


Christmas is a time to sparkle, and what better way to show your style than with shiny bulbs and ornaments for your tree. From red to silver to green, these shiny ornaments stand out on any tree, and bring a shimmer of fun to the room. As lights sparkle off the surface, a cozy light bursts throughout the room.


8.Candy striped

What's more enchanting than a candy cane theme at Christmas time. The red and white stripes really bring you back to childhood, to a time when a candy cane meant Christmas. Decorate pillows, curtains, table clothes and anything else in the festive stripes and transform any room into Christmas fun.

9.Music Note Candles

Music is part of any great holiday celebration. It's what sets the mood and helps us to remember. Musical note candles add a charm to any mantle, coffee table, or counter, bringing Christmas cheer everywhere. In gold, they create an elegant burst of color to traditional red and green color schemes.


10.Snow Flakes

No two snowflakes are a like, and neither is any home. Make yours stand out with snowflakes that look to be suspended in the air. They say Christmas snow is the most magical and beautiful of any snow of the year. Why not keep the snow coming, white and blustery for the entire holiday season?


Swirl it up and make it fun. The holidays are a time of expression and grandeur. There are no rules, so let all your creativity out for a magical season. Swirls of color on the tree and in any room of the house, make a jubilant expression using Christmas colors or any colors to give the home a party atmosphere.



Red is the star of the Christmas season, and when mixed with white, creates a magical ambiance that is unmatched. Using different sized red stars, napkins, plates, balls and more, you can create a cozy and warm feeling throughout the festive season. Forget the green, and keep it simply amazing.


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