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Craziest Snowmen Ever

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 9:04 am

1.The Dalek has it

OK so you need to be a Dr Who fan to understand this snowman, but even putting that aside you have to admit that this is quite a crazy thing to go and build. He really does look like the character, but what about the traditional snowman??

2.A sexy bear

Well this is certainly different because how many bears wear underwear in the world these days? This is the kind of snowman where you do end up questioning the sanity of the person behind it.


This thing is huge and it is not your usual snowman by any stretch of the imagination. Imagine getting all of this done and then there is a quick thaw and it collapses almost instantly. How annoyed would you be?

4.Feeling hungry

Well this guy is certainly feeling hungry because the only part that is now sticking out is from the knees down. Where has he gone though because it is not the tallest of snowman, so maybe he is basically dissolving him as he eats him???

5.Poor snowman

Well you cannot help but look at this image and feel sad at the demise of this snowman. Who would do such a thing? Why is there so much blood in this snow? So many questions and not enough time.

6.Religious snowman

You see this one is crazy just because of that sign because take that away and you have a normal looking snowman that people would just drive past. However, by turning it into a religious snowman it takes on an entirely new life.

7.Scary cat

This is not so much crazy, but it is more like some kind of work of art when you consider the amount of work that has gone into creating it. OK so not much of it makes sense, but then at least it is cool to look at.


8.Getting drunk

Life must be hard as a snowman and it appears to be the case that this one has been driven to alcohol in order to deal with his problems. Maybe he has heard the weather forecast and knows that the end is nigh?

9.A scary Simpson

Well you have to admire the work that has gone into producing this snowman and not that many people would go to the lengths of actually adding some color, However, we needed the color because without that it would make even less sense than it currently does.


10.Quick!!! Swim!!!

Well this is different since we have a complete scene going on here and you have to be routing for the snowman and hoping that he does indeed get away from the shark. Surely the best thing to do is to pour hot water on the shark to make him melt?

11.Gymnastic snowman

Well this snowman is just showing off now since he is standing on his head. The best part is the way in which his little arms are sticking out as if they are balancing him.


12.The famous snowman

OK so the original was not made of snow, but if you have ever seen Ghostbusters, then this will be all too familiar to you. It is actually very well done in all honesty and they have managed to make sure that he has kept some of the scary nature as well.

13.Hard at work

Well it is good to see that this snowman is trying to do his bit in order to earn some money because somebody has to pay for all of those carrots that they need for their nose. They are obviously running short though because he does not have one himself.

14.Oh my

Well this is a very different pose and it is no wonder that she is sitting like that considering she is on snow and ice. This must end up being very cold on the butt.


This is actually seriously cool, but at the same time what would possess you to spend the required time in order to make this snow dinosaur? Crazy, but also very good at the same time.

16.The accident

Well this is going to be difficult to explain to a child when they see that a snowman was trying to cross the road and ended up having his head knocked off. Is it any wonder his wife and child is looking on all distressed at the side?

17.A murder scene

Well there appears to be either a murder scene here or there is an army of snow zombies on the loose and we need to be careful around them. No matter what is actually going on you have to say that it does look a bit gory.

18.Giant snowdog

You know this is actually very impressive even if the idea of building a replica of your dog out of snow is a bit crazy. At least we can sit and look at the original dog and see just how accurate it actually is.

19.Lost my head!!

Well this snowman is certainly in a difficult situation because he has just managed to lose his head, but at least he has rescued it. No wonder he appears to be shouting for help though.

20.What the????

Well this is certainly a bit different and hopefully it is made of snow and not two real people that have been covered in a blizzard. Some people just seem to find making the traditional snowman a bit boring by the looks of it.


Hopefully this has not been made by a child because that would take some explaining. However, clearly this snowwoman, since it cannot be a man, has breasts and at least they appear to be a nice shape although obviously they are fake.

22.Snowmen police

Well this is certainly as bit different since we appear to have two snowmen police officers on the beat. However, the hours and days they can work will be very limited due to changes in the climate.

23.Have a heart

Well the key here is to actually go ahead and have a heart when you see the snow melting and know that the snowmen will soon just be a puddle. As you can see they do have a heart anyway even though it is still going to be made of ice.

24.A hungry snowman

Well this is one hungry snowman since it does seem to have a child going into its mouth. OK this is just something that has been done with angles, but it is still funny to look at anyway.


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