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Disney Shows That We Wish Would Come Back.

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 8:14 pm

1.The Emperor's New School

The Emperor's New School is a spin off of the popular Disney movie The Emperor's New Groove. The show followed around the same familiar characters if the movie, most notably Kuzco. Just for the fact that it was a Disney film I think it should be brought back. The successful Disney films are worth their weight in gold even long after they are released.

2.The Jersey

Lets get one thing straight the, Disney show The Jersey was a total rip off of the out of body classic Quantum Leap. With that being said, the boldness of the show is why it needs to be brought back. The show followed 4 school boys who found a magic jersey. When they put it on they would transport into the bodies of their favorite athletes. That would be a quite an experiences today due to the fact that the most talked about athletes these days is Alex Rodriguez and Aaron Hernandez.

3.Going Wild with Jeff Corwin

Going Wild with Jeff Corwin was a wildlife documentary show in which Animal expert Jeff Corwin would take kids all over the world to explore animals. The show was a nice touch by Disney. Throwing some education in children's programs is never a bad thing. I think Disney could totally revamp this show and make a hit out of it.

4.Kim Possible

Kim Possible had the distinction of being Disney's longest running original series until 2007. The show was about Kim a teenaged secret agent. She would go around foiling the plots of her nemesis and make it look easy during the process. The show was solid and I think Disney would benefit from having a crime action show again.

5.Wizards of Waverly Place

Wizards of Waverly Place is known for one thing Selena Gomez. Gomez portrayed a teen wizard on the popular Disney show. Gomez has turned into a big star since her days at Waverly but, just because Gomez has moved into bigger and butter things doesn't mean her cast mates don't deserves to get a check. They should bring the show back and have Gomez occasionally make cameo appearances to give the show some star power when it needs it.

6.The Proud Family

The Proud Family was a charming Disney show about an African-American family going through daily life. The main character of the show was 14 year old 'Penny Proud' played by Kyla Pratt. Pratt was surrounded by comedy veterans Tommy Davidson and Jo Marie Peyton. The show was a good quality family show that deserves a comeback.

7.Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana should be brought back for one reason. The reason is Miley Cyrus has gone plum crazy! Miley has become one of the most talked about entertainment figures of our day. Miley had been risque in the past but that was nothing compared to her display at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn this summer. Mileys antics would make for a great TV show. Not sure if Disney would be a good fit for it but hey the kids have to grow up sometime.


8.Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future? was a time travel sitcom which debuted in 2004. The show was about the Diffy family. The Diffy's were an average American family who got stuck in 2004 California by accident while on vacation. The show was cute and had a different premise than shows that ran along side it. I think that this is the kind of show that kids would enjoy especially in the technological age in which we live in.

9.Cory in the House

Cory in the House was a 2007 spin off of That's so Raven. Kyle Massey plays Ravens little brother Corey Baxter. The premise of the Show was unique Cory's father gets a job as the White House chef to newly elected President Richard Martinez. Corey's hi jinx's are magnified by the big scope of the White House. The show was extremely funny and a worthy successor to Ravens legacy.


10.So Weird

So Weird Was a 1998 Sci-Fi show which put Disney into a more serious category. The move mad sense with shows like The X-FILES topping the rating charts. The show followed Fiona Philips the daughter of the fictional rocker Molly Philips. Fiona or 'Fi' goes around with her friend and older brother investigating paranormal instances. The show was a good Sci-Fi show for Disney's standards. I would love to see Disney go back to a show like this or even revamp this very one. The Sci-Fi genre is sorely needed at Disney.

11.That's so Raven

America's love affair with Raven Symone started when she was cast as the adorable Olivia Kendall on The Cosby Show. After the show ended in 1992 Symone would keep her name out there most notably for her role on the ABC sitcom Hanging with Mr. Cooper. In 2003 Raven would score a huge hit with That's so Raven. The show centered on the fashionable teen as she navigated trough high school life. However the show had a unique twist. Raven would get sudden physic visions. Raven would get the visions and she would spend most of the episode trying to make them come to fruition. The show was an important post Lizzie McGuire hit.


12.Sonny with a Chance

Sonny with a Chance is best known for launching the career of Miss Demi Lovato. The show was an overnight success. Lovato would be on a rise to become a household name, but drug addiction would get Lovato in rehab and the show off the air. Now that Lovato is clean and ready to go I think she should be brought back to at least give the show a proper send off.

13.Even Stevens

Even Stevens was a show that was done in the same vein as Lizzie McGuire only a bit different. The Show centered on the Stevens family particularly over achieving sister Ren and mischievous younger brother Louis played by transformers actor Shia LaBeouf. The show was a classic brother and sister hate each other story but it had some real charm to it.

14.Lizzie Maguire

The quintessential Disney show in the Early 2000's.Hilary Duff stared as clumsy, frazzled, and boy crazy Lizze McGuire. The show was a hit with young teens and pre teens. It was so successful that a full featured movie was even made. The show is noted with paving the way for other female Disney stars such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

15.Good morning Miss Bliss

Good Morning Miss Bliss should be brought back for one reason. It is the show that introduced us to Saved by the Bell. Many people do not realize that Saved by the Bell was a Spinoff of Bliss. The gangs from Bayside high were originally Students of Miss Bliss Indiana Middle School class. The show was not the hit that producers expected it to be. The solution was to take out elements that flopped like Miss Bliss, and put in elements that would work like changing the setting from Indiana to California. All in all it wasn't a bad show.


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