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Foods Women Love To Eat During Pregnancy

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 8:16 pm


Pizza is another food found amongst women suffering from Pica. Pizza contains all sorts of spicy and pungent foods, like chilli and onions. Again the reasons are not clear as to why women crave them. We think that they should be allowed to eat all these yummy foods since they spend so much time dieting! Eating a healthy diet overall will make these cravings effects pretty much null and void and could be the bodies way of telling us what it wants.

2.Soil, Dirt, Chalk

Some things women crave during pregnancy are not even edible, like soap, dirt, chalk or other strange non foods. Doctors have tried to explain these cravings by saying that they indicate minerals that the body is short of. If this is so, then taking a mineral supplement would be better for you.

3.Ice Cubes

Loads of women chew ice when they are pregnant. There are no benefits at all in ice. Scientists are puzzled. It does relieve inflammation of the mouth and gums which may occur during pregnancy. Pregnant women adore the crunch and crack of it, plus they cooling effect they report. Do be careful with your teeth though.


Coke and other fizzy drinks are popular during pregnancy due to morning sickness or queasiness. Try a diet version, you will be grateful later on as you will pack on less weight.

5.Junk Food

Junk food is another great pica satisfier. Pica is the official word for craving during pregnancy. Junk food just tastes great to some pregnant taste buds. When you are pregnant your taste buds definitely do a little dance and choose different foods. The danger of junk food is the added preservatives, fats and sodium.


Pregnant women often crave coffee, by the gallon-full!. Coffee can be good for you if taken in moderation. So, if your cup is getting larger and larger, it might be time to switch to decaf which is a healthier option. Coffee is a natural diuretic and also staves off tiredness often associated with pregnancy.


Ice-cream has long been a favorite treat during pregnancy. This is one of the most common cravings. Ice-cream has loads of feel good bits to it. It cools you down, it tastes great and is full of sugar. Better options would be sweetened frozen yoghurt as it is lower in fat.



Pregnant women also crave fruit. This once again could be the sugar factor. Fruit contains sucrose which is a natural sugar. This is a far more healthier option than cakes! However eating tons of fruit can cause weight gain.


Lemon is also a big favorite. The good news it that lemons contain so many great properties that craving this is a good thing.


10.Potato Chips

Potato chips are one of the most craved foods whilst pregnant. It could be the salt or just the yummy taste! Potato chips are high in fat and salt, so really are not a great option. Try the new sweet potato variety, with reduced fat and sodium instead.


Some crave pickles and there are so many things going on with pickles it is hard to say what it is. They are crunchy to chew and also are surrounded by vinegar. Some say low sodium in the body might cause it. Pregnant women enjoy strong tastes including sour and sweet.


12.Sugar and Chocolate

Pregnant women often crave sugar. No one is sure why, although some have suggested that because pregnant women do not drink alcohol they will crave sugar. Sugar also is a quick energy booster, so it could be tiredness.


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