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Healthy Fast Food Items You Can Opt For

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:29 pm

1.KFC Grilled Chicken Breast

The grilled chicken breast from KFC has a total of 220 calories and even the fat content is not that horrific either. This one comes with 7g of fat and 2g of saturated fat, so it could certainly be a lot worse and it does mean that this qualifies as being a slightly healthier option.

2.KFC Original Recipe Drumstick

Yes folks you can indeed get the original recipe drumstick from KFC and not feel bad about doing so. It has 120 calories 7g of fat and only 1.5g of saturated fats, so in all honesty it is not going to do you any harm at all ordering it the next time you are there.

3.Taco Bell Fresco Style Crunchy Taco

This tasty taco only has 140 calories, so at least you can eat it without worrying about what it is doing to your waistline. It also only has 8g of fat, but it is slightly higher in saturated fats, so keep that in mind if you are planning on ordering it.

4.KFC Honey BBQ Sandwich

Believe it or not, but this option from KFC is certainly a lot healthier than most of the things that they have on their menu. This particular sandwich only has 320 calories along with 3.5g of fat and 1g of saturated fat and that is pretty impressive considering it is BBQ and honey.

5.McDonald's Egg McMuffin

You would be forgiven for thinking that this is a meal from McDonald's that would be quite high in fat and calories, but in this instance you would be wrong. Instead, it has just 300 calories and 12g of fat and there is no doubt that it is a lot lower than you were expecting to see.

6.Burger King Garden Salad

Of course there are also salad options at these places and this particular one from Burger King only has 130 calories. You do need to get the fat free dressing with it or that is just going to screw up everything else and send that calorie count sky high.

7.Wendy's Jr hamburger

Wendy's has managed to produce a hamburger where the calorie content is only 280 and the fat is just 9g. This does not mean that it is lacking in taste or anything else as that is certainly not the case, so if you want a burger, then this could be a great option.


8.Subway 6" Steak & Cheese

This is probably going to surprise you as you would imagine that with the cheese included it would mean that it is not as healthy as it should be. However, Subway have somehow managed to get this down to only 245 calories and the fat content is also pretty good with only 10g of fat and 4.5g of saturated fats.

9.McDonald's Premium Asian Chicken Salad

Yes McDonald's is not all about burgers because this option is a lot healthier than you were probably expecting. This particular meal has 300 calories, which is pretty good considering it is McDonald's and you are only looking at 10g of fat as well.


10.Subway 6" veggie delite

At least with Subway you do always feel that everything is as fresh as possible and with this particular sub you are also getting something that only has 164 calories and is packed full of flavor. It also has just 2.5g of fat, which is really nothing, and 0.5g of saturated fat, so overall this really is quite healthy.

11.Arby's Jr Roast Beef Sandwich

Well this is absolutely delicious and when you discover that it contains only 210 calories and 8g of fat, then you know you are onto a good thing. Let's face it, you really do have nothing to lose by giving it a go and allowing it to satisfy your belly.


12.Burger King Whopper Jr

This may surprise a lot of people, but you can actually get a healthier option even from Burger King. This particular Whopper, which must be without cheese, only has 340 calories in it as well as just 19g of fat. That is pretty impressive from a place that we often associate with being unhealthy.


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