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How To Get Perfect Skin

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 5:12 pm


Get enough sleep. The average person needs from 7-9 hours sleep a night. Even if you feel fine on less you may be compromising your skin. Skin rejuvenates whilst we sleep and even certain hormones are released during the sleep phases.

2.Power Packs

Some foods boost the skin more than others and avocado is one. Both if eaten or used on the external skin as a face mask. Find out which foods are skin boosters and then work out a plan as to how and when you are going to use them.

3.Know Thy Beauty

Find out which beauty products best serve your skin. There are different types of products for different skins. Oily skin can be helped by certain regimes and so can fine lines and dryness.


Try to have monthly facials. Facials involve massage and massage stimulates the circulation improving the muscle tone of the face. Not only does it help your skin, but it is also extremely relaxing and enjoyable at the same time.


Ex-foliating your skin is very important. It slouches off dead skin cells and promotes renewal of skin on the upper surface quicker. It also makes mature skin look more fresh and glowing.

6.Seek Help

If you have skin issues like acne for example do seek the help of a skin specialist or dermatologist. You can get help and you can get your skin challenges sorted out and do so before they get too bad or it will become extremely difficult to treat.


Protect your skin. Sunlight in all quantities can cause skin damage so find out the correct factors you need to use when in different light exposure situations. Some prefer to go the very high block route at all times. If you are on the beach or near the pool wear a hat and sunglasses.


8.Reduce Stress

Reduce stress in your life. One of the most ageing things for skin is worry, stress and difficult life events. Whilst we cannot avoid all of them we can learn new ways of dealing with them. Yoga, talking to a friend or even just a good laugh can reduce stress in our bodies.

9.Omega 3

Salmon and other oily fish are rich in omega 3 which is a skin moisturizer. Eating omega 3 helps boost the appearance of our skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, so make sure you either take it as a supplement, or better still eat fish.


10.Balanced diet

Eat a balanced diet rich in Vitamins A, K, E and B on a regular basis. All vitamins and minerals help our skin but some foods are richer in these vitamins than others. By doing this, you will see a major difference in your skin pretty quickly.


Exercise need not mean gym. Any movement is great for the circulation and therefore our skin. That includes our whole body and face. You do not have to be a gym freak, but doing something each week will make a huge difference.


12.Drink Water

Drinking lots of water hydrates the body and remove toxins and this alone is going to make a difference to your skin. A well hydrated body means a well hydrated skin. From the inside out.


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